Wooden Stacker Toy – Square, Circle, Combo, Organic


As your baby becomes older, and starts to become obsessed with blocks like mine has, this beautiful Wooden Stacker Toy – Square, Circle, Combo, Organic  is sure to be the envy of every visitor. Not only does it come handmade directly from the seller, but it also features sturdy maple/walnut wood, making sure that this wooden stacker will last a long time. Helping aid babies with exploration, thought processing, and hand eye coordination, this beautiful toy can also be engraved with your little’s one name. After your child has outgrown this toy, or when you are cleaning up your baby’s toys for the night, the carrying pouch (included) will most definitely come in handy. For this and other organic toys, be sure to check out treewoodworks store for more information. Enter BELLEBEBE2012 during checkout in order to get a 10% discount.