We love some great educational and developmental toys for our babies!

When it comes to keeping our little ones entertained, we’ve noticed that most mommies find themselves competing with their children for the smart phone. What’s worse, children playing with your phone can sometimes lead to unexpected expenses hidden throughout the game meant to entice children into clicking away their college savings. Well Mama, it’s time to end the cycle and put that money to some good use with the help of these fun and educational toys by Skip Hop Treetop Friends!


Skip Hop Wood Toy Treetop Friends Busy Bead Tree


Your child doesn’t need a smart phone to have fun; do both of yourselves a favor when you buy the Busy Bead Tree. With the Busy Bead Tree, your child will get lost in a colorful and dynamic whirlwind of seasonal wildlife and foliage. More importantly, the Busy Bead Tree helps to develop your child’s dexterity and coordination through manipulation of wooden blocked owls, apples, leaves, and birds. Help fine tune your little one’s motor skills today with this wonderful developmental toy.

Skip Hop Wood Toy Alphabet Zoo Match & Play Puzzle

Settle down, class, “fun” is in session! Learning the alphabet will never be more enjoyable for your child than when they get their hands on the Alphabet Zoo Match and Play Puzzle. With a bevy of animal friends – from zebras, to lions, to whales – to play with, you’ll never have to compete for your phone ever again! The best part is the Play Puzzle comes in an easy-to-carry, reusable box, so whether you’re on the go or just at home, your child will never be without their new favorite toy.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Friendly Forest Activity Mirror


Perhaps the longest journey any of us take in life is the one in which we learn about ourselves. Get your child started today with the help of the Friendly Forest Activity Mirror! Your little one will squeal with upon seeing their reflection, recognizing their own movements which help to enhance cognitive functioning in later indoor and outdoor play. Accompanying miniature soft toys – an owl and a birdie – help develop tactile experience, as well as being an adorable addition to your child’s stuffed animal collection. For more information visit Layla Grayce!