Toys at The Land of Nod

Growing up, even as a wee little one, can be tough. Sometimes, all we want to do when we get home from a tough day in the sandbox is kick back and hang out with our best friend. Our stuffed best friend, that is!

Kids Stuffed Animals: Hillary Land Wee Wonderfuls Elephant Doll - Wee Wonderfuls Oliver Elephant

There’s an elephant in the room, and it wants to be cuddled! The Land of Nod’s Wee Wonderfuls Oliver Elephant, specially designed by Hillary Lang, will have your little one trumpeting for joy. But this is no ordinary elephant… non madame! The Wee’s Wonderfuls Oliver Elephant comes with a signature teal beret and patterned ears, making this fabulous friend a must-have.

Kids Stuffed Animals: Jennifer Strunge Monster Raccoon - Raccoon Dad Cotton Monster

Want something a little more traditional? Give the Cotton Monster Raccoon a shot! This furry critter is ready to get down, whether it’s dinner ‘round with the family or snuggling with your little boy or girl off to dream land. A Jennifer Strunge design, the Cotton Monster Raccoon is perfect for any children’s bedroom. Can’t get enough cuteness? Buy the Cotton Monster Raccoon Mom and Youngin to complete the woodlands family!

Kids Dolls: Crowded Teeth Mushroom Buddy Doll - Mushroom Buddy

I remember when I was a kid I hated vegetables – I’ll let you in on a secret, my arch nemesis was the broccoli. But I know if my Mama had gotten me the Mushroom Buddy, designed by Michelle Romo of Crowded Teeth, I would have loved vegetables a lot more. This little guy won’t give you an extra life in Super Mario Bros., but he will give your angel an extra reason to want to go to bed early: the Mushroom Buddy doubles as a stuffed “animal” as well as a pillow, which means double the fun! The best part is that with the Mushroom Buddy’s eclectic and fun look, he’ll add that much needed touch to any part of the house!

Kids Stuffed Animals: Mimi Kirchner Mr and Mrs Bunny - Mr and Mrs Bunny Set of 2

With the Mrs. and Mr. Bunny, playing ‘House’ has never been this much fun, or stylish! Hand-made and stitched in India, this Nod exclusive is perfect for that little one who wants something more than just to play with Ken and Barbie. But wait, the Mrs. and Mr. Bunny are only one possible couple out of three: get Mrs. and Mr. Kitty and Mrs. and Mr. Fox, and throw a block party! The best part is that these aren’t exclusively for children – get your own today and set up the Mr. and Mrs. somewhere in the house as a collector’s piece and show off that wonderful taste.

Stuffed Animals: Knit Turtle Menagerie - The Knit Menagerie Turtle

And finally we have an item from the Knit Menagerie collection. Hand knitted and exclusively designed by the lovely people over at the Land of Nod, these wonderful pieces are perfect for little hands to grasp and cuddle. Choose between Turtle, Elephant, Bear, and more! These special friends are knitted from cotton yarn and a polyester filling which is sure to give the animal of your child’s choice that “sleeping on a cloud” sensation that every little one should experience!

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