Skip Hop & Hug Owl Activity Toy



When your baby starts to show interest in toys, she will want to look at them, touch them and explore them for hours. You will need to gear yourself up Mama when the time comes, and get all the necessary tools (or toys that is!) that will help in your baby’s development. This Skip Hop & Hug Owl Activity Toy is one of those toys I am talking about. It makes lots of noises, as it squeaks, crinkles and rattles (good for hearing senses), and it is colorful and bright (good for visual senses). More than that, besides the big owl, there is a little baby owl attached to it, that your baby can see as it opens the big owl’s arms, leg teethers (good for when your little one starts teething or putting everything in its mouth), and a little mirror that is perfect for a peek-a-boo game that babies love so much! All this in one toy! That’s what I call a great deal and of course a great toy! You can find this wonderful activity owl at Layla Grayce. As you browse through the store, you will notice other variations of this adorable toy such as a dog, monkey, bear or lamb. I bet your baby will enjoy a quality of time with this little plush creature.