Personalized Coin Banks

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Look out, Babe, the era of the “piggy” bank may very well be at an end! With FreckleBox’s personalized tin Coin Banks, your little boy or girl can enjoy the safety of their loose change… with style! Each 4”x4” coin bank can be fitted with a design matching that special little someone in your life’s preferences, whether it be a checkered flag to go with their love of race cars, or, for the more frugal little ones, a “rainy day” theme. Can’t decide between two or three different designs? FreckleBox’s Personalized Coin Banks can also serve as Personalized Pencil Holders and Treasure Boxes, making it a shoe-in gift choice for grandparents and family friends who aren’t sure what to get your little loved ones. Be sure to check out FreckleBox to see the full selection of styles and colors, and order your coin bank today!