Kathe Kruse® Fabric Stacking Cups with Adorable Wee Gnome


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It’s time to add a new toy to your child’s toy chest without having to concern yourself with the worry of how well it will hold up against the test of time. To diminish that anxiety start by investing in some Fabric Stacking Cups by Kathe Kruse. There are five cups in the set all ranging in different sizes and colors. Each cup is reversible and will reveal a different shade once turned inside out. Also included is an amusing little gnome, his tiny little face and happy go lucky smile will have your tots pleading for a playtime extension. There are countless uses for these soft fabric cups such as stacking, counting, nesting, and even theatrical performances with the gnome. The cups are absolutely perfect for babies, toddlers, and older children. No matter what age your child is find comfort in knowing that they will be amused and consistently occupied by their new toys. Kathe Kruse has really hit a home run by making these fabric cups durable against your resilient youngsters. Go to Magic Cabin for more information.