Hot new Toys you might want to put on your Christmas list

Smart Toy bear

Smart Toy Bear is one of those interactive toys every kid wants to have. It interacts with your child based on its age, likes and dislikes. It’s capable of remembering your child’s name, voice or just anything your child will tell him. He will play with your little one always taking into account your child’s age and preferences. With this best friend your tot will experience the best custom-tailored experience ever!

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo is perfect for kids who love to sing and dance. By pressing this toy’s hands, tummy, or feet, your child will be immersed in lots of fun musical activities and learning content. Great feature – let your child record a phrase that his new friend will remix into a song. How cool is that?

You can create so many fun things with these Goobi magnets. They come in a rainbow of colors and can be purchased in a 40, 70 or 180-piece sets. Perfect for little builders and scientific minds.

Franck & Fischer Baby mirror. 0+

Franck &Fischer Baby Mirror is a perfect toy for the littlest ones. A baby can hold it in their hands or put it on the floor to admire themselves. Great plus – it’s made of 100% organic cotton. Who doesn’t love eco toys?

Hustle and Bustle Train SetHustle and Bustle Train Set

Hustle and Bustle Train Set will be loved by any boy, big or small. This set includes a beautiful play mat along with all sets of vehicles and the train of course. Lots of fun indeed!

Giant Simon Sit On

Giant Simon Sit On will be your child’s favorite toy, lounger and buddy, all in one! Again, perfect for all ages! What’s more, it’s a great decor piece of furniture as well.

Shape Up Baby Activity MatShape Up Baby Activity Mat

Shape Up Baby Activity Mat – a modern twist on a classic toy. Lots of fun shapes, colors and textures will brighten up any baby’s day.

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