Great Developmental Toys – Finger Puppet Theater Troupe

Kids Stuffed Animals: Finger Puppet Theater - Finger Puppet Theater Troupe Set of 7


The highlight of any child’s night before settling in for the evening, save for dessert, has always been story time. Whether it’s reading The Sorcerer’s Stone, or your little girl’s favorite fairy tale, we all at one time or another wondered if we could spice things up, make even “story time” into “fun time.” Well now with the help of the Finger Puppet Theater Troupe by Crowded Teeth, we can! Cats and Dogs, Lions and Sheep, Foxes and Bunnies – perhaps hunter and hunted in the wild, now they’ve never been more closely aligned in giving your child the show they deserve! Each puppet is beautifully embroidered with wool felt and poly fill, and is approximately 3.5”-4” in height, making for a perfect fit on any set of hands. Pair these little critters with nightly readings of Aesop’s Fables, and get your kids in on the action by having them play a part in the story. Not only will you be imparting some of life’s most important lessons – friendship, kindness – but also lessons in fine and gross motor skills. Great developmental toys! Visit The Land of Nod today to learn more!