Friend Indeed Dolls from The Land of Nod

Charlotte Friend Indeed Doll



Lydia Friend Indeed Doll




Charlie Friend Indeed Doll




Gemma Friend Indeed Doll




Knit Crowd Sporty Meg Doll




Knit Crowd Sporty Mia Doll




The Land of Nod came up with new collections of dolls and we’re loving the idea! The Friend Indeed Dolls are there to remind your little one that even though everybody is different, it’s important to stay true to who you are. Thus, each doll showcases their own unique style and consequently, you can expect that every doll will look different. Maybe your little girl has a style similar to a doll? Or maybe she has blonde or brown hair that is also one of the dolls’ features? Whatever it is that makes your girl associate herself with a doll, you bet she’s going to choose her!

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