Fantastic Activity Books and Art Cards from Wee Gallery

Wee gallery books for kids

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For kids, children, babies

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These fantastic activity books and art cards from Wee Gallery are only seemingly simple, but I can’t believe how much they can offer to your child. The 32 Ways to Dress an animal books feature a given animal’s head, hands and legs with no body. That means your child can “fill in the blanks” so to speak and dress that little animal however they want to, using whatever they want. A perfect activity book to promote creativity and imagination, and what an amazing savior for long trips or restaurants. The art cards, on the other hand, are perfect for babies who are just starting to explore new objects. The black and white colors are not here to bore your child at all! After all, these are the first colors your baby can see with their little eyes, so let them look at the cards as much as they want. How smart!

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