Developmental Baby Toys – Little Gyms

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Babies and toddlers are full of energy and you know it first hand Mama! If we don’t create an environment full of activities to burn that energy, then we’re going to end up with a mess all around the house created by our little ones. As a mom of two little boys, I know what it feels like when there are pillows on the floor, and toys all over your living room. With the “little gyms” featured above, the rooms will be clean and the children will be entertained for a long time. EDMD Store has a plethora of these available and you can check them all here. They are wonderful as they are created for babies and toddlers alike. Lots of colors, mirrors, steps, slides, tunnels, you name it. These products are a great addition to your babies’ playroom. The ones I chose to showcase above are one of the smaller ones, but if you have lots of space, the store offers plenty of bigger ones as well. Go ahead and check all of them now! Make sure you go to Infants & Toddlers Category and then click on Gross Motor!


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