Baby Ride On Toys – Rocking Horses and more!

Remember the old rocking horses most of us had as kids? Yeah, so do I. Cute and simple, they could give us hours of entertainment…until they’re an un-sturdy rocker or handles fall apart. If you want to bring back the nostalgia of your childhood to your own children, but in a safe and cute way, pick one of the rockers from My Urban Child!


rocking chair

  • First comes the Teamson Sunny Safari White Rocking Horse. This rocking horse doubles as a cute rocking baby toy, AND a rocking bassinet. Removing the railing turns it into the cute rocking horse for playtime. Hand-painted, hand-carved, and with free shipping, how can one argue against a rocking toy that doubles for naptime?


rocking chair

  • Another option, though, could also be the Smart Gear Rocking Raffy. Most (especially me!) can’t resist giraffes, and this is no exception. Featuring Raffy, an adorable and sturdy giraffe, this rocker has a back rest for extra protection, that can be removed as your child grows. For smaller children, Raffy makes a light rattle that children love. The paint used for Raffy is only water-based, saving your child from chemical exposure, AND helps the environment at the same time! Even better, the plush Raffy can be removed, meaning extra play or easy clean-up. Come on…I almost want one myself, just because it’s precious. This should be taken into definite consideration.

crocodile rocking chair

  • But Raffy isn’t the only cool animal offered as a rocking toy. There’s also the Smart Gear Rocking Crocodile. In addition to being unique and not the average rocking horse, the rocking crocodile is made of multi-colored plush fabric, and has a sturdy wooden rocker base. Any kid will love playing on or with the rocking crocodile.

modern rocking chair

  • The last option I have for you all is more minimalistic. Nice and simple is the Magis Dodo Modern Rocking Chair. Nostalgic in it’s simplicity, it comes in four nice colors; white, yellow, red, and blue. Made out of a sturdy and easy-to clean plastic, it’s able to be used outdoors and indoors, and is shaped like the extinct Dodo bird. That actually makes this rocker the most unique of the bunch. Designed by the talented Oiva Toikka (maker of gorgeous glass birds, bringing magic design to your households, etc), this is a cute and simple rocking chair for any child.

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