Austin Toy Box – White

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When children are frolicking inside the house, it can become cluttered quicker than you can say, “Clean up time!” The process of cleaning is lightened considerably with a toy box. Kids Krafts offers a fine model called the “Austin Toybox”, (featured here in white). It is versatile (can also act as a bench when closed), and is painted with a neutral base to fit the decor of any living arrangement. Making this a must have is the fact that, while it is small overall, it contains a large amount of storage space for all of your little one’s toys, dolls, cars, etc. A much better idea than letting the toys stay on the ground where accidents can, and most likely will, happen. A safety hinge on the back protects children from pinched fingers and injuries, putting a mother’s mind at ease. For further information, contact Lollipop Moon.