Neutral Nursery: Panda Themed



Panorama Acrylic Crib



Panda Crib Bedding



Atrium Playroom Storage


4 x 6′ Indoor Outdoor Rug (Black)



Honeycomb Wall Shelf (White)



Small Personalized Alphabet Soup Nod Chair


This gender neutral nursery will be everyone’s favorite. The white furniture, the panda accent and all the colorful details make this nursery so well put together. The black and white color palette looks very elegant and sophisticated, yet the other colors make it baby friendly. How cute are the cloud mirrors on the walls as well as the confetti decals? You can copy the whole nursery as it is, or make it your own by switching up some colors. For example, the rug comes in several colors, so why not get red if you like the color more? The same goes with the honeycomb wall shelf, you can get it in yellow, grey or navy too. It’s easy to coordinate this room with any other white crib as well. There is no doubt you have plenty of options to make this nursery special for your child. Shop all the pieces and more shown on the nursery picture above here.

Mix and Match Built to Grow Convertible Slat Crib

Mix and Match Built to Grow Convertible Slat Crib


When selecting a crib for your little one, your priority should not only be durability, but also longevity. After all, your baby is going to be spending countless hours in their crib, so why not make sure they are as comfortable as possible. This Mix and Match Built to Grow Convertible Slat Crib is simple in design, and color, but extremely elegant. The crib offers two additional height adjustments so that when your little one begins to stand, or walk around, you can easily lower the height to make it safer for them. When your baby outgrows their crib, the conversion kit (sold separately) allows you to convent their crib to a day bed. For more information, please visit Posh Tots.