Etsy Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Kids


Etsy Holiday Gift Guide for Babies

Donut Leggings

Wooden Rattle

Calendar Backdrop

Personalized Swaddle Blanket

Crocheted Doll

Baby Headband

Baby Age Blocks

First Birthday Crown

Baby Wall Art

Chalkboard Sign

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Kids Santa Hat

Personalized Kids Name Puzzle

Owl Growth Chart

Camping Paper Toy

Rag Doll

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Rocking Horse

Puppet Theater

Giant Coloring Poster

Santa Tee

Hope you like the Etsy Holiday gift guide I prepared for you. Etsy is a goldmine when it comes to unique and personalized gifts and I’m sure thats what you’re looking for mama! If you’re a soon to be mom, or just had a baby, you know you will need that Calendar Backdrop to capture the memories of your child being born. How about the Baby Age Blocks or the Chalkboard Sign to keep the milestones in check? And, if you wonder what to put on your little one for Holiday pictures, look at this adorable pair of Donut Leggings and this oh so festive Baby Headband. And, if you have older kids, and are looking for toys that no other friends have, look no further. From the Personalized Kids Name PuzzleCamping Paper Toy to the Puppet Theater and Giant Coloring Poster, you won’t have to look for anything else. Did we get you covered? 

New Teepees and Playhouses from The Land of Nod

The land of Nod


Palm Springs Playhouse


The Land of Nod


Charley Harper Playhouse


The Land of Nod


Large Grey Abstract Teepee


The Land of Nod


Small Polka Dot Teepee


There are new tepees and playhouses in the town of The Land of Nod, that, I’m sure, your little ones will be very happy to explore. Perfect for creative pretend play or even for down time. The new collection features the Palm Springs Playhouse with its cool California flare, beautifully decorated with desert-inspired motifs. Charley Harper Playhouse represents the new wildlife collection in the store, full of wonderful pieces from decor to bedding and more! The Large Grey Abstract Teepee along with the Small Polka Dot Teepee are classic teepees that will compliment any kids room. Perfect for babies, toddlers and bigger kids too! Check out more teepees and playhouses in a previous collections’s post here, and find even more on The Land of Nod!

3 Sprouts New Toy Bags/Mats

3 Sprouts


Hedgehog Toy Mat/Bag


3 Sprouts


Whale Toy Bag/Mat


3 Sprouts


Elephant Toy Bag/Mat


I love baby products that are multitaskers. Like these newly released 3 Sprouts toy bags that can also be used as play mats. It’s a great way to store the toys when you don’t use them and when you want to play, you just open the bag so it unfolds in a circle that forms a mat that your little one can play on. It’s easy to clean up as well, just close the bag and voila. The bag comes in three adorable designs and you can purchase then in Target

New Teepees and Playhouses from The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod

Suzy’s Playhouse


The land of Nod


Modern Nautical Teepee


The land of Nod


Horse Stable Playhouse


The Land of Nod


Planetarium Playhouse Canopy


The Land of Nod


Floral Applique Pavilion Playhouse


The Land of Nod has come up with a new collection of teepees and playhouses that you might want to check out, especially with the upcoming Holidays. These fun toys would sure be a great Christmas gift for your little ones. Babies can have their relaxing time on their favorite blanket or cushion, while toddlers can start experiencing imaginative playtime.  I’m sure even bigger kids would put them in good use too! Choose between traditional teepees and very fun and creative playhouses. Your little ones will definitely spend a lot of time using these toys for many years to come!

Friend Indeed Dolls from The Land of Nod

Charlotte Friend Indeed Doll



Lydia Friend Indeed Doll




Charlie Friend Indeed Doll




Gemma Friend Indeed Doll




Knit Crowd Sporty Meg Doll




Knit Crowd Sporty Mia Doll




The Land of Nod came up with new collections of dolls and we’re loving the idea! The Friend Indeed Dolls are there to remind your little one that even though everybody is different, it’s important to stay true to who you are. Thus, each doll showcases their own unique style and consequently, you can expect that every doll will look different. Maybe your little girl has a style similar to a doll? Or maybe she has blonde or brown hair that is also one of the dolls’ features? Whatever it is that makes your girl associate herself with a doll, you bet she’s going to choose her!

Baby Rattles from Blablakids

Baby Rattles from Blablakids


If you haven’t seen or heard about Blablakids rattles yet, your baby is missing out. All the rattles are handmade and made from the softest Peruvian cotton. They are very colorful and creative and because lots of them are designed as animals or people, they can become your little one’s best friend too. The ones I featured above are just a handful of what’s on the website, so make sure you check Blablakids to see all the adorable rattles they offer.

Great Finds from The Land of Nod

New from The Land of Nod



Venetian Bookcase (Azure)

Carousel Crib (Blush)

Cosgrove Swivel Glider

Bean Bag Lounger (Pink)

Geodesic Playhouse 

Geometric Furniture Decal 

Wild Style Plush (Giraffe)

2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Babies

Holiday gifts for baby



Wee Workout Baby Gym to work those little muscles

Happy Pop Up to have some fun

Not-So-Wild Bunch Giraffe to have a snuggle buddy

Soft as a Baby’s Block Set to rack that brain

Chewbeads Christopher Necklace for those achy teeth

Modern Twist Silicone Bib – Giraffes for the messy meals

Playon Crayons for those crafty babies

Rainbow Boat Grasping Toy to learn how to grasp

Turtle Hatching Mat for all the fun they want

Easter Books For your Little One

Spring Is Here Board Book - Spring is Here Board Book



The seasons are on the verge of changing again, and that means your little one is growing! Will it be his or her first spring or second? Maybe it’s his or her third or fourth? For these budding little ones, we’ve found a great book that is both fun and educational so they can learn as they grow! Spring is Here by Taro Gomi is a 34-page board book that walks children through the four seasons. It’s perfect to give as a gift or to read to your own child. At just $6.99 it’s a steal, but even better, kids will love this fun new way to learn about the seasons just in time to experience the upcoming season of spring!



Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.06.20 AM



This bunny has been running away since 1942 when this book was first published. Time and time again, this mother finds her little bunny, just like readers have been finding and falling in love with this book for generations. Perfect for spring and the upcoming Easter holiday, The Runaway Bunny is a perfect gift! Children will be comforted by this story of a spirited little bunny and his mother in this classic tale about a mother’s love and her little one’s imagination.



Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.07.03 AM



When your child grows and looks back on these days, make sure he or she has something wonderful to remember and treasure with this Peter Rabbit gift set by Naturally Better.  The set includes The Tales of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, The Tale of Tom Kitten and The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck. These classic stories are the perfect collectible item and will make great Easter gifts! These iconic tales have been reminding people of childhood for generations. Now these tales also highlight the eco-friendly values of today with the green practices that Naturally Better has used to create the collectible set. These hardcover classics will delight your little one instantly, both now and for many years to come! Visit The Land of Nod to grab your gift set and learn more!




Toys at The Land of Nod

Growing up, even as a wee little one, can be tough. Sometimes, all we want to do when we get home from a tough day in the sandbox is kick back and hang out with our best friend. Our stuffed best friend, that is!

Kids Stuffed Animals: Hillary Land Wee Wonderfuls Elephant Doll - Wee Wonderfuls Oliver Elephant

There’s an elephant in the room, and it wants to be cuddled! The Land of Nod’s Wee Wonderfuls Oliver Elephant, specially designed by Hillary Lang, will have your little one trumpeting for joy. But this is no ordinary elephant… non madame! The Wee’s Wonderfuls Oliver Elephant comes with a signature teal beret and patterned ears, making this fabulous friend a must-have.

Kids Stuffed Animals: Jennifer Strunge Monster Raccoon - Raccoon Dad Cotton Monster

Want something a little more traditional? Give the Cotton Monster Raccoon a shot! This furry critter is ready to get down, whether it’s dinner ‘round with the family or snuggling with your little boy or girl off to dream land. A Jennifer Strunge design, the Cotton Monster Raccoon is perfect for any children’s bedroom. Can’t get enough cuteness? Buy the Cotton Monster Raccoon Mom and Youngin to complete the woodlands family!

Kids Dolls: Crowded Teeth Mushroom Buddy Doll - Mushroom Buddy

I remember when I was a kid I hated vegetables – I’ll let you in on a secret, my arch nemesis was the broccoli. But I know if my Mama had gotten me the Mushroom Buddy, designed by Michelle Romo of Crowded Teeth, I would have loved vegetables a lot more. This little guy won’t give you an extra life in Super Mario Bros., but he will give your angel an extra reason to want to go to bed early: the Mushroom Buddy doubles as a stuffed “animal” as well as a pillow, which means double the fun! The best part is that with the Mushroom Buddy’s eclectic and fun look, he’ll add that much needed touch to any part of the house!

Kids Stuffed Animals: Mimi Kirchner Mr and Mrs Bunny - Mr and Mrs Bunny Set of 2

With the Mrs. and Mr. Bunny, playing ‘House’ has never been this much fun, or stylish! Hand-made and stitched in India, this Nod exclusive is perfect for that little one who wants something more than just to play with Ken and Barbie. But wait, the Mrs. and Mr. Bunny are only one possible couple out of three: get Mrs. and Mr. Kitty and Mrs. and Mr. Fox, and throw a block party! The best part is that these aren’t exclusively for children – get your own today and set up the Mr. and Mrs. somewhere in the house as a collector’s piece and show off that wonderful taste.

Stuffed Animals: Knit Turtle Menagerie - The Knit Menagerie Turtle

And finally we have an item from the Knit Menagerie collection. Hand knitted and exclusively designed by the lovely people over at the Land of Nod, these wonderful pieces are perfect for little hands to grasp and cuddle. Choose between Turtle, Elephant, Bear, and more! These special friends are knitted from cotton yarn and a polyester filling which is sure to give the animal of your child’s choice that “sleeping on a cloud” sensation that every little one should experience!

Be sure to visit The Land of Nod for a look at the vast array of selection and choices!