Nursery Furniture Ideas – Toy Chest

Elephant Toy Box - Canvas Elephant Toy Chest


Most people have known the pain of picking up the trail of toys a child leaves in their wake. And some, like myself, have known the terror of an energetic kid running everywhere, only to slip and knock their heads on a hard-cornered surface, usually some kind of a wooden toy chest. Anyone that knows these pains should check this out. For a great price at 25 dollars, you can get an adorable toy chest that’s soft sided on all sides, and that’s still sturdy enough to hold all those toddler toys. It has an attached lid with a pull tab, so the lid won’t come off and get lost and makes the box easy to transport. Not to mention, that again, it’s adorable, and features a cute elephant on the side. Get a toy chest that works for you and your kids, such as this one from The Land of Nod! It’s amazing how many great kids products you can find out there.