New Teepees and Playhouses from The Land of Nod

The land of Nod


Palm Springs Playhouse


The Land of Nod


Charley Harper Playhouse


The Land of Nod


Large Grey Abstract Teepee


The Land of Nod


Small Polka Dot Teepee


There are new tepees and playhouses in the town of The Land of Nod, that, I’m sure, your little ones will be very happy to explore. Perfect for creative pretend play or even for down time. The new collection features the Palm Springs Playhouse with its cool California flare, beautifully decorated with desert-inspired motifs. Charley Harper Playhouse represents the new wildlife collection in the store, full of wonderful pieces from decor to bedding and more! The Large Grey Abstract Teepee along with the Small Polka Dot Teepee are classic teepees that will compliment any kids room. Perfect for babies, toddlers and bigger kids too! Check out more teepees and playhouses in a previous collections’s post here, and find even more on The Land of Nod!

Nursery Decor ideas – Wall Clocks

Land of Nod


Geometric Wall Clock


Vintage Camera Wall Clock


Vintage Camera Wall Clock


Lion Face Wall Clock


Lion Face Wall Clock


How much I love The Land of Nod! I’ve done some posts in the past about wall clocks (here and here) but not any recently! These beautiful wall clocks from The Land of Nod will stand out in any nursery. With their intricate and fun shapes they will be a center pieces in your baby’s room. The Geometric Wall Clock could also be used in any other room of the house as it’s very versatile and white, which makes it fit in almost anywhere. I like how the Vintage Camera Wall Clock and the Lion Face Wall Clock are made of bamboo, perfect for any eco nursery!  And how cute are their designs! The camera is oh so into the future and the lion is going to be the one your baby might like the most!

Red and White Nursery

red baby room, Valentine's Day nursery


Gumball Table Lamp (Red)

Venetian Bookcase (Red)

Radial Wall Shelf

Gummy Bear Nightlight (Red)

Cargo 2-Over-2 Dresser (White)

BabyHome Air Basinet in Red

30″ Personalized Bean Bag Chair

3-Bin Palooza (Tomato)

Carousel Crib (White)

“D” Bright Letter Throw Pillow

Pop Icon Nightlights – Baby Room Decor

 - Cloud Pop Icon Nightlight

Pop Icon Nightlight (Cloud)

Yellow Star Metal Mesh Nightlight - Star Pop Icon Nightlight

Pop Icon Nightlight (Star)

Pink Heart Metal Mesh Nightlight - Heart Pop Icon Nightlight

Pop Icon Nightlight (Heart)

Is your little one scared of darkness? If yes, how about getting a nightlight, a cool nightlight that is. These beautiful Land of Nod night lights are not only that, but they can easily be a nice decor accent in your baby’s room. Hang it on the wall or put it on the dresser, you choose. These modern nightlights will definitely add some charm to any nursery. Did we mention how cool their shapes are? If you have a heart, or star , or cloud related nursery theme, then one of these night lights are simply a must have!

Modern Baby Nursery Decor Ideas – Mint

nursery ideas, mint



Faux Leather Pouf

Mint Triangle Crib Quilt by Olli & Lime

Babyhome Dream Bassinet/Cradle

Eco Bookcase

Deauville Seaglass Table Lamp

Mint and Gold Triangles Crib Sheet

Trend Lab Wall Clock

B Typeset Throw Pillow

Modern Nursery Ideas – Colorful Rugs

Bumper to Bumper Race Car Kids Area Rug - 4 x 6 Bumper to Bumper Rug

Fruit Salad Kids Area Rug - 4 x 6 Fruit Salad Rug

Heart to Heart Kids Area Rug - 4 x 6 Heart to Heart Rug


Bumper to Bumper Rug

Fruit Salad Rug

Heart to Heart Rug


A baby’s nursery can’t have too many cute details and as you probably know by now, every detail counts. Oftentimes considered less important to all the furniture that you need to get for your baby’s room is a rug. In my opinion, it’s a centerpiece of the room that will complement it as a whole. So if you haven’t thought of it yet or haven’t even considered getting one, look at what you might be missing. The Bumper to Bumper Rug is ideal for a baby boy that loves cars. That means this beautiful rug will decorate his cars- themed nursery when he’s a baby, but also will give him a place to play on when he races his cars when he’s older. The Fruit Salad Rug would add charm to a baby girl’s pink nursery and the Heart to Heart Rug will go along well with her teenage years. There are plenty more rugs to explore at The Land of Nod so I invite you to take a look.

Nursery Decor Ideas – Nightlights

Bedtime Buddy Nightlight (Kitty) - Kitty Bedtime Buddy Nightlight

Bedtime Buddy Nightlight (Rainbow) - Rainbow Bedtime Buddy Nightlight

Bedtime Buddy Nightlight (Robot) - Robot Bedtime Buddy Nightlight



Bedtime Buddy Nightlight (Kitty)

Bedtime Buddy Nightlight (Rainbow)

Bedtime Buddy Nightlight (Robot)
Oftentimes little kids are afraid of sleeping because it’s so dark in the room. Help your little one sleep better by getting them a nightlight. But not just a regular, boring nightlight you would buy for an adult. Instead, get them a cat shaped nightlight, or maybe a cute rainbow or a funky robot. Where did they have these when we were children? You can find these sweet baby products at The Land of Nod. What perfect company at bedtime!

Modern Baby Nursery Ideas – Night lights


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.08.16 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.10.06 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.12.38 PM


Babesta has friends to keep the monsters away! These adorable lights, shaped like a bear, giraffe and bunny, are the perfect night lights to make bedtime easier. These friendly and bright little creatures will scare all the goblins away and leave your child sleeping easy with the sweetest of dreams. The bunny is designed after a famous children’s series in Holland about a bunny named Miffy. Read the stories of Miffy to your child, and his or her nighttime light will become even more special! If your child is more mesmerized by the strong yet elegant giraffe, then a little long-necked friend might suit! If gummy bears are your kid’s favorite treats, perhaps the sweet presence of the Jellio light will keep him or her happy! The bear light comes in four colors that will render the room glowing blue, red, pink or purple during the day. It will change into the LED nightlight of good dreams at night! Jellio is also a battery-powered light. Pick up the Miffy, giraffe, or Jellio light at babesta today.

Decor Ideas for Easter

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.19.33 PM


Pottery Barn Kids is bringing the classic Peter Rabbit tale into modern day this spring. Children will adore the creativity of this Peter Rabbit chair backer, and mommies will adore the comfort it brings to little ones. Instead of Velcro straps, beautiful fabric straps and wooden buttons hold the cushion in place, bringing design and detail all around. At just $16, this adorable chair backer gives you comfort, style and a sense of playfulness. The embroidered stitching and details provide for a handmade look. These whimsical chair backers can even be personalized for an extra $7, making them a great gift for any child in your life.


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.20.48 PM


Hop into spring with this Peter Rabbit décor! This 20-inch high Peter Rabbit statue is the perfect size for display in any room. Kids will love to visit Peter no matter in which room you chose for him to stay. He can greet your guests when they come through your door or hang out with you in your sitting room. We love this statue because it’s made of linen and adorned with a felt coat and felt carrots, making it a great representation of springtime fun, but also of sophistication and great taste


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.22.18 PM


Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping into all of your springtime events when you pick up this adorable bunny garland set from Pottery Barn Kids! At eight feet long, these bunny garland strands are a great length for hanging from any archway, fence or tent. Made from cardstock and covered in beautiful fabrics, these bunny strands are light enough to hang easily and still be sturdy enough to hold up through all of your decoration needs this year. You and your guests will be sure to enjoy the colorful patterns and puffy pom-pom tails! Kids will love to help you hang these up, and will never want you to take them down! Visit Pottery Barn Kids to get as many bunnies as you can this spring!

Modern baby Nursery Ideas – Storage Basket

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.02.34 AM



Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.02.44 AM



Having a hard time keeping everything organized? Pick up one of these fun Juice Mercado storage bins! Made from repurposed plastic pallet strapping, these bins are practical and sturdy. They are available in several colors and display a split bamboo rim for some additional style. We also love them for the beautiful patterns and bright colors! Whether you display it on the floor or use it to help organize a shelf, these colorful bins are the perfect place to keep everything that takes up space! Visit Serena & Lily for more information!