Modern Nursery and Playroom Wall Shelves – Room Decor Ideas

 - Rocket Shelf


Rocket Shelf

 - Take Five Gold Wall Bin

Take Five Gold Wall Bean


 - Now You See It 2-Bin Acrylic Shelf Bookcase
Now You See It 2-Bin Acrylic Shelf Bookcase


 - Genevieve Gorder Star Wall Shelf
Genevieve Gorder Star Wall Shelf


We’re always amazed how much creativity goes into designing pieces from The Land of Nod. Just take a look at their newest wall shelves and you will understand what we’re talking about. We bet the Rocket Shelf will be a hit with little boys and aspirational astronauts. We love everything about it from the design to the space as well as the hooks that will surely come in handy. This wall shelf is not only a shelf, but also wall décor. We like the Take Five Gold Wall Bean for all the compartments, which are perfect for books, but not only that. It’s made of metal so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. The Now You See It 2-Bin Acrylic Shelf Bookcase is new with its clear walls and very modern design. We like that you can hang it either horizontally or vertically and that it will look great in any space no matter the color palette. Last, but not least, the Genevieve Gorder Star Wall Shelf is simply a star that will stand out in any room. We have a feeling it will be a hit with little girls, hint, hint.

3 Sprouts New Toy Bags/Mats

3 Sprouts


Hedgehog Toy Mat/Bag


3 Sprouts


Whale Toy Bag/Mat


3 Sprouts


Elephant Toy Bag/Mat


I love baby products that are multitaskers. Like these newly released 3 Sprouts toy bags that can also be used as play mats. It’s a great way to store the toys when you don’t use them and when you want to play, you just open the bag so it unfolds in a circle that forms a mat that your little one can play on. It’s easy to clean up as well, just close the bag and voila. The bag comes in three adorable designs and you can purchase then in Target

Nursery Storage Ideas – Bookshelves

Anyone can find a regular old bookshelf to store toys, books, movies, or trinkets. But you’re not just anyone, Mama, which is why you want to shelve the idea of settling for anything less than the best! With the Land of Nod shelf exclusives, you can turn a piece of furniture that would normally be “in the way” into the centerpiece of almost any room.


 - White Four Story Wooden Wall Shelf


Play “house” with help of the Four Story Wooden White Shelf. With the ability to hold up to 80 lbs., and with six sections sporting compartments of varying size, the only concern you’ll have is whether to get yours in White or Brown.


 - Heart of Gold Wall Shelf



 - Grey Honeycomb Shelf


But if you are going to go for it, why not go all the way and get the Heart of Gold or Honeycomb Wall Shelves? Heart-shaped and showing off an iron finish, the Heart of Gold shelf can serve as a stylish storage space and functional piece of wall art, adding that personal touch that we all seek when putting the finishing touches on that remodeled living space. But what’s better than a versatile piece of furniture that doubles as artwork? With the Honeycomb shelf, not only can you store up to 50 lbs. of personal effects, but the furniture’s ability to be positioned any way you like allows for showing off your own artistic abilities and arrange items in fun, ingenious ways.


 - White General Storage Shelf


But maybe practicality is your forte, or, better yet, you already have the aforementioned shelves. Get the General Storage shelf. Inspired by the bins found in classic general stores, this piece of furniture is perfect for any part of the house, for any use, whether you have little ones or not! The compartments in each section are subject to rearrangement with the help of the removable dividers, making for endless storing possibilities. Visit The Land of Nod today for more information on color options and shipping rates for your area!