Baby Room Design Ideas – Playroom

Homeroom Kids Play Chair (Red) - Red Homeroom Play Chair

 - Magenta Teak Two-Tone Play Chair

 - Pink Mojo Chair<br />Floor to Seat: 14 H <br/>



The Land of Nod never disappoints with their furniture department. They always provide insightful decorating ideas, lovely displays, along with some of the nicest and highest quality furniture pieces out there. If you’re looking for a modern flare that you would like to add to your baby’s nursery, toddler’s playroom or even your older children’s rooms, check out some of the chair options the store offers. The Homeroom Play Chair looks pretty cozy, yet modern.  The Two-Tone Teak Play Chair comes in an array of bright colors that any kid will adore, while the Mojo Chair looks perfect for the little ones. Good luck choosing the colors you want, as they are all so beautiful. Whichever option you choose will definitely brighten your baby’s room.

New Cribs from The Land of Nod

 - Topside White Glaze Crib

Topside White Glaze Crib

Larkin Gold Metal Baby Crib - Larkin Crib

Larkin Crib

 - Jenny Lind White Crib

Jenny Lind White Crib


Flex 4-in-1 Sleep Collection


Flex 4-in-1 Sleep Collection


Flex 4-in-1 Sleep Collection


The Land of Nod has just launched a new crib collection, simple, modern, sophisticated and beautiful. The Topside White Glaze Crib is probably the most practical one with two drawers attached to it for more storage space. You can also get this model in the color midnight blue. The Larkin Crib, besides its unisex color, wows with its elegant arched design that makes it stand out from others. The Jenny Lind White Crib is perfect for little girls and vintage-inspired nurseries. Last, but not least, the Flex 4-in-1 Sleep Collection can get you the most for your money as it gives you the option of a crib, bassinet, storage cart and a toddler bed. All this for only $999. Check out more info at The Land of Nod.

New Coral Furniture Collection from The Land of Nod

Coral Jenny Lind Kids Bed - Twin Jenny Lind Coral Bed

Jenny Lind Coral Bed

 - Jenny Lind Coral Nightstand

Jenny Lind Coral Nightstand

 - Jenny Lind Coral Trundle Bed

Jenny Lind Coral Trundle Bed

 - Jenny Lind Coral Bookcase

Jenny Lind Coral Bookcase


Coral is the new white when it comes to little girls rooms. Honest came out with a coral furniture collection last year (check it here) and this year it comes from The Land of Nod. It’s so beautiful that it makes you want to have a baby girl! If you’re the lucky mama, well then, you’re lucky! Your little girl will feel like a princess in this Jenny Lind Coral Bed. There is also storage available for this particular bed too that turns this bed in this Jenny Lind Coral Trundle Bed. What’s great about it is the fact that you can enjoy the additional storage space, or you can put a mattress there and voila, you got yourself an extra bed for when your little girl grows to be big enough for sleepovers. Amazing! Your little girl’s room won’t be complete without the Jenny Lind Coral Nightstand as well as the Jenny Lind Coral Bookcase as they go all together as a set. I love the girly and iconic wood turnings that make up this adorable furniture style. Check out The Land of Nod for all the details.

Modern Nursery Furniture – Bunk Bed

 - Abridged Bunk Bed

 - Abridged Loft Bed


Bunk beds are fabulous options for kids who share a room. The Abridged Bunk Bed from The Land of Nod has been recently added to their bunk bed collection and you will absolutely love it. The idea of a built in staircase is such a breath of fresh air in comparison to the older bunk beds which feature a separate ladder as an attachment. It makes it even more compact and it just looks so incredibly modern. I also love the fact that because of its simplicity, it can be easily used either for boys or girls. And another wonderful fact about this bunk bed is that it can be turned into a loft bed. So even if you have only one child, you can purchase it as a space saver, as you can store many things underneath it. For more information, visit The Land of Nod.

Nursery Furniture – New Baby Cribs

Room and Board


Room and Board crib

Greta Crib 

Bingo 3 in 1 Convertible and Storage Combo , babyletto crib


Bingo 3- in- 1 Convertible and Storage Combo 

Dwell Studio Crib

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.35.44 PM

Mid Century 3-in-1 Convertible Crib


You can’t plan your baby’s nursery without its main centerpiece, the crib that is! 2016 offers many new modern designs that are a breath of fresh air. Take a look at the magnificent Greta Crib  that can be easily customized with a color of a choice. The Bingo 3- in- 1 Convertible and Storage Combo comes with four amazing storage cubbies located at both ends of the crib. How practical! And the Mid Century 3-in-1 Convertible Crib is a great combination of vintage and modern and it will look great in whatever style nursery you’re planning. Which one is your favorite, Mama?

Loungers and Bean Bags for your Tot

Bean Bag Lounger (Pink) - Pink Bean Bag Lounger


Bean Bag Lounger (Pink)

 - Dotted Pouf


Dotted Pouf

Shaggy Pouf (White) - White Shaggy Pouf Seat


Shaggy Pouf

 - Personalized Fox Furry Animal Nod Chair </p> <p>(Includes Cover and Insert)

Furry Animal Nod Chair (Fox)


bean bag

30″ Cool Beans! Bean Bag 


Your tot will love these new amazing bean bags from The Land of Nod. The Bean Bag Lounger (Pink) features a unique shape that resembles a chair that will let your little one rest its head while relaxing. Also in pink, the Dotted Pouf that can serve as your kid’s personal ottoman. We also couldn’t omit the Shaggy Pouf that will be loved just for its fun and soft texture. If your tot prefers a chair, the Furry Animal Nod Chair (Fox) will be the perfect fit, while the 30″ Cool Beans! Bean Bag  is a great piece of furniture to add some personal touches (name of your child) to. Check all these and more bean bags and loungers at The Land of Nod.

Nursery Furniture Ideas – Cribs

Modern baby cribs


Eicho Crib in White

Alberta Crib in White and Exotic Wood

Caravan Crib in Red

Marsonne Convertible Crib

Posh Tots  and their fantastic cribs. The Eicho Crib in White features a clean and minimalistic look we absolutely love. Added to that is the fact that the crib is made of eco-friendly wood. The Alberta Crib in White and Exotic Wood combines tradition with contemporary and its two-tone color makes it very unique and versatile. The Caravan Crib in Red looks very modern and it’s great for any nursery that features the color red. Last, but not least, the Marsonne Convertible Crib screams traditional and timeless. For more information, visit Posh Tots.

New Classic Dressers from The Land of Nod

nursery dresser


nursery dresser


nursery dresser


Radiant Dresser

Larkin 6-Drawer Dresser (Pink)

Primary 3-Drawer Dresser (Blue)


The new dressers form The Land of Nod are beauties indeed! The Radiant Dresser features a diamond pattern and is made of a mango wood. The Larkin 6-Drawer Dresser‘s looks might deceive you as it appears pretty simple, but the pink detailing around it and the pink knobs add this modern style to this piece of furniture. The colorful frame and knobs are also present on the Primary 3-Drawer Dresser (Blue) and they look just as good. Because these dressers are so new, they are not going to be sold until early August, but you can pre-order one now and wait patiently for its arrival. For more information, visit Land of Nod.

New Color for the Honest 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Dresser

pink and navy Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 5.41.39 PM


Simplicity and modernism is everything the Honest 4-in-1 Convertible Crib With Toddler Rail represents! In the past, you could get it in white and weathered gray. Now, you can add some color to your baby’s nursery, as Honest has released two brand new colors for both – Honest 4-in-1 Convertible Crib With Toddler Rail and Dresser With Changer Top. Coral and navy look absolutely beautiful on both of the pieces! All you need to do is wait to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl and plan accordingly.


Nursery Furniture Ideas – Modern Bookcases

Next Chapter Modern Bookcase (Grey/White) - Grey/White Next Chapter Bookcase

New Issue Modern Bookcase (White/Black Base) - White/Black Base New Issue Bookcase

 - Mint Metalwork Bookcase


Next Chapter Bookcase

New Issue Bookcase

Metalwork Bookcase


If you’re looking for some nursery bookcases ideas, take a look at the new pieces from The Land of Nod. The Next Chapter Bookcase might look small to you, but pay attention to its roomy compartments that will store all your babies balls, rattles, books and other small toys. Plus it won’t take up much space in the room so it’s perfect for small nurseries. The New Issue Bookcase is all you will need to display your baby’s favorite stories and it will make it easy for her to choose the story she wants. And the Metalwork Bookcase comes with different sized shelves that are perfect for books, toys, and even picture frames. We love the color too! Head to The Land of Nod and see what other colors these bookcases come in so you can choose the one that fits your nursery the most!