New Crib Bedding Collection From Project Nursery


Butterfly Kisses Collection



Pink Mountains Collection



Blue Mountains Collection


Gorgeous crib bedding is always the first thing parents choose when getting the nursery ready. The new crib bedding collection from Project Nursery is as dreamy as it can be and it features pink butterflies as well as blue and pink mountains, beautiful designs that parents will fall in love with. Each bedding set includes a crib sheet, crib skirt, rail cover, comforter and even a blanket. You can also purchase a throw pillow and a changing pad cover in the same design, so you can keep the same color pieces throughout your baby’s nursery. Click on the links below the pictures to experience the entire collection yourself.

Modern Crib Bedding from Zana

Cat Nap Fitted Cot Sheet

Cat Nap Fitted Cot Sheet


Eyes Fitted Cot Sheet


Eyes Fitted Cot Sheet


Midnight Snack Fitted Cot Sheet


Midnight Snack Fitted Cot Sheet


Love some great finds from Etsy! These handmade crib sheets depict some fun black and white patterns that are minimalistic and simple at the same time. That doesn’t mean they are boring though. To the contrary, they are everything a modern parent might include in their baby’s nursery. They can be purchased in one of the Etsy’s shops – ZanaProducts , and even though they fit any standard crib mattress, they can be customized if needed! How cool is that? Check out the other fun designs the store offers! Oh, and did I mention they also offer adult bedding sets?

New Modern Crib Beddings from Land of Nod

cat crib bedding


Early Edition Crib Bedding (Cat)


With a chance of crib bedding


With a Chance of Crib Bedding


Elf Help Crib Bedding


Elf Help Crib Bedding


Llama-a-rama crib bedding



Llama-a-Rama Crib Bedding


I’m always looking forward to new crib beddings at The Land of Nod. There are a lot of modern touches in the beddings above. The Early Edition Crib Bedding (Cat) features some of the most beloved pets around (dog, hamster, bunny and cat) all in different colors. The With a Chance of Crib Bedding is the most modern of all. The classic white and black color palette keeps this bedding simple, yet charming. The Elf Help Crib Bedding has something magical about itself and would be perfect for a cute and whimsical nursery. And lastly, the Llama-a-Rama Crib Bedding comes in pink, which is ideally suited for a little girl’s room, and features adorable llamas.

Modern Crib Sheets from KidWild

Organic Crib Sheet Clouds


Organic Crib Sheet – Clouds

Organic Crib Sheet - Flower Blush


Organic Crib Sheet – Flower Blush

Organic Crib Sheet - Cats


Organic Crib Sheet – Cats

Organic Crib Sheet - Aqua Dots


Organic Crib Sheet – Aqua Dots

These organic crib sheets from KidWild are made of organic cotton/bamboo knit, perfect for your baby’s “green” nursery. Very soft, breathable, non-toxic and anti-bacterial, these are everything you will want to have in your baby’s environment. Their modern prints are also a plus and the price is somewhere in between as it retails for $46. Go to KidWild to check out more!

Modern Crib Bedding – New from The Land of Nod

Shy Little Kitten Crib Bedding

tawny scrawny lion crib bedding

poodle party crib bedding

Catch of the Day Crib Bedding


Shy Little Kitten Crib Bedding

Tawny Scrawny Lion Bedding

Poodle Party Crib Bedding

Catch of the Day Crib Bedding


The new crib bedding from The land of Nod is as always dreamy. While the Shy Little Kitten Crib Bedding and Tawny Scrawny Lion Bedding both include colorful patchwork quilts and soft sheets, the Poodle Party Crib Bedding offers a nice alternative to a quilt – a blanket, and the Catch of the Day Crib Bedding will blend in nicely with a sea nursery theme.


Modern Baby Bedding Ideas

Savanna Crib Bedding - Savanna Animal Baby Quilt

Deep Space Crib Bedding - Deep Space Baby Quilt

 - Candy Stripe Baby Bedding

Fly Away Crib Bedding - Fly Away Baby Quilt



Savanna Crib Bedding

Deep Space Crib Bedding

Candy Stripe Baby Bedding

Fly Away Crib Bedding


The Land of Nod did it again. Their new crib bedding collection is beyond amazing yet again! I love how easy it is to find crib bedding that suits your baby’s nursery theme at their stores. Throughout the years, they keep on adding new motifs, some more popular, like the butterflies, others less so, like the space one. But there are always lots of classics as well, such as the animal motif. And I love how they experiment with different designs and colors. The Candy Stripe Baby Bedding is an example of just that. Which bedding is your favorite?

New Crib Bedding Sets from Serena & Lily

Nursery Basics Collection


Nursery Basics Collection


Textured Nursery Collection


Textured Nursery Collection


Color Block Collection


Color Block Collection


Color Block Collection


Color Block Collection


The new bedding sets from Serena and Lily were designed for those parents in mind, who love classic nursery looks filled with traditional colors such as pink, blue and white. It doesn’t mean the sets are boring! More to the contrary, they are extremely versatile. The Nursery Basic Collection will work well with practically everything. You can choose basic white but you have the whole array of other colors to work with as well, that’s why you can choose whatever goes with your baby’s nursery pallete. The Textured Nursery Collection is fun because it implements fun details such as hand-stitched diamonds on the bumper and fringes on the skirt. And how fun are the Color Block Collections? Go to Serena & Lily to admire other colors and more new bedding sets.

New Baby Bedding Alert from Carousel Designs

Pink and Grey Traditions Baby Crib Beddin



Pure Gold Dot Crib Bedding



Purple Heather Floral Crib Bedding



Aqua and Amethyst Laval Baby Crib Bedding



Mint Herringbone Baby Crib Bedding



Nature Trail Baby Baby Crib Bedding



Can you feel Spring in the air, or is it just me? With the new crib bedding collection from Carousel Design it’s easy to get that feeling. Beautiful pastels dominate the collection so you will see lots of light pinks, purples,  greens and yellows. Besides the stunning color palette, you will experience a great balance of simple and traditional patterns and more elaborate floral ones. Take a look at just some of the examples above! Which crib bedding set is your favorite?


Pink and Grey Traditions Baby Crib Bedding

Pure Gold Dot Crib Bedding

Purple Heather Floral Crib Bedding

Aqua and Amethyst Laval Baby Crib Bedding

Mint HerringBone Baby Crib Bedding

Nature Trail Baby Crib Bedding

Modern Crib Bedding – Crib Sheets

Let’s face it. Some nursery and toddler bedding and sheets are cheaply made, or are of tacky and just plain weirdly manufactured designs. Any parent looking for sheets that are cute and comfy, Purl Mama offers some awesome options.

mini triangle crib sheet


The mint triangle crib sheet is a fitted crib sheet in a light blue with small lime-green accent triangles, and is finished with a one-inch elastic band for a adequate fit. It’s 100% cotton, keeping your baby’s face warm and comfortable. It can be machine washed on warm and tumble dried, no hand-washing or drying needed.


stem crib sheet


If that doesn’t fit the color scheme of your child’s room, another good bet is the stem crib sheet. This sheet set is a modern and stylish white sheet with grey stems, and a yellow flower design in-between. With the same elastic band and cotton material, it would look great in most nurseries.

pinwheel crib sheet



One last option is the pinwheel crib sheet, admittedly more girly than the formers. With adorable pink and grey pinwheels printed onto the white cotton sheet, any little girl nursery would brighten up with this super cute option.

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New Crib Bedding Sets from The Land of Nod

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.18.50 AM




Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.18.32 AM




Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.19.06 AM



How cute are the new bedding sets from The Land of Nod! If your baby’s nursery is blue and the theme is animals, the Painted Parade Bedding is a perfect match. The quilt is a masterpiece in and of itself and the sheet has one of the most beautiful patterns I’ve ever seen. The Surprise Party Bedding has a retro feel to it and since the primary color is pink, you can tell, it’s best suited for a girl’s nursery. You could easily add some black decor pieces to the room and fill the nursery with the balloons, or use any other ballon motif to make the theme just that. And the Sheepish Baby Bedding designed by Gingiber is quite unique, especially the quilt. The sheep appliqué reminds me of the touch and feel books where you can touch something on a page and it feels soft. I bet your baby will really love touching this beautiful and soft sheep for sure! And it’s nice that this bedding is neutral so you can use it for any gender. Check all the bedding sets at The Land of Nod. They have so much to choose from that I’m sure you will fall in love with other bedding sets as well.