Back to School Essentials – Lunch Boxes/Bags

kids lunch boxes


Elsa Let it Go! Yubo Lunchbox

Big Dot Aqua Lunch Cooler

Olive Kids Robots Munch’n Lunch Bag

Dinomite Dinosaurs Lunch Box

What’s For Lunch Bag

What’s For Lunch Bag (Planes)

Happy Turtle Lunch Box

Modern Boy Bright Yellow Construction Lunch Box

Butterfly Garden Lunch Box


Another item that should be checked off of the back to school essential list, second to a backpack, is a lunch box/bag. Oftentimes a backpack comes with a matching lunch boxbut you can always mix and match as well. Here, you can find some of the great lunch boxes we’ve found. Check each of them for additional colors or designs, see which ones can be customized and which ones come with a matching backpack. Enjoy the fun!

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Find adorable back to school essentials at Layla Grayce! Below are a few of my favorite must-haves for the back to school season. The Zoo Pack Owl backpack is where fun meets function! Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack for kids! The Monkey Mania Lunch Happens bento box stores a child’s school lunch or travel snacks. Designed with a blue and orange zoo animal print, the double-decker, reusable square case features pre-measured compartments for fruits, veggies, sandwiches and treats and a built-in handle. Soft and lightweight, the Kashwere kids striped hoodie will keep your child cozy and stylish year-round on the playground. Be sure to check out Layla Grayce for all your back to school needs!

Lunch Boxes for New Moms

What better place to spend your time during these hot summer days than at the zoo? When I was little and would go with my Mama, the best part of the day was sitting down to a pre-packed lunch while the tigers and monkeys looked on. But our options were limited at the time because of easily torn paper bags. It’s a common fate all of our lunches were subjected to, until we learned about the lunch box options offered by Mighty Nest! Learn from my mistake and get the best, so that your lunch is as fresh as if it had just left the kitchen.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 7.09.22 PM


What better way to sync yourself with the wildlife of your choice than by getting the Pink Giraffe Lunch Bag, by SoYoung. With a fabulously cute giraffe design printed over beige material, this wonderful lunchtime addition is styled to complement the conditions of anywhere you might want to stop for a bite. The versatile Giraffe Lunch Bags can be snapped onto stroller handbars, or worn as a messenger bag or backpack for on-the-go enjoyment.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.55.05 PM


Not enough space, you say? Upgrade and go with the Pink Giraffe Double Decker lunch bag by Wildkin. A dual-level style allows for easy storage of hot and cold foods, or separation of snacks from the “main event.” The lower level also includes a microwave-safe container, allowing you to do away with the sandwiches of yester-year and really spice things up with a casserole or some of that homemade spaghetti. The best part about the Double Decker is that not only does it get a makeover on the inside, but the outside as well! Go with Wildkin and switch out beige for a complete pink-giraffe print design.



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“What happened to the days of having a simple, classy lunchbox?” you might be asking yourself. No worries, we got you covered. With the Lucas the Whale Insulated Lunch Box by Beatrix New York, leave behind the hassle of wondering what crazy concoctions you should plan for the day. Protected by material capable of enduring even the harshest conditions, you can rest assured that your child’s lunch will remain safe, secure, and fresh.

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Maybe you’re tired of walking around zoos and playgrounds, opting instead to spend your Sunday afternoon lounging on the hot sands of your favorite beach. Well fantasize no more with the Brown Birds Cooler Bag by SoYoung! Adorned with a brown birds design printed over a beige finish, this cooler is perfect for storing an afternoon snack, your child’s lunch, or even your newborn’s baby bottles in a bag that knows how to chill. “Take a day” and lounge on the beach with your significant other while sharing an ice-cold beverage, preserved by the Sweet Bird Cooler Bag’s temperature-retentive EVA lining. Get yours! Be sure to visit Mighty Nest today to learn more!