Halloween Party Collection 2017


Halloween Party Decor



Halloween Character Plates (Set of 8)



Halloween Party Cups (Set of 8)



Halloween Cupcake Kit (Set of 24)



Halloween Crackers (Set of 6)


Halloween Boo Garland



Not So Scary Halloween Wreath


This year’s Halloween Party Collection is as spooky as the one from last year, if not spookier. Ghosts, skeletons, bats and witches are on the Halloween table this year as well. What’s the beauty of having all those essentials all ready for you? The fact that you can throw your little one a party to remember with just a little preparation, or maybe even none at all. Get shopping here for even scarier stuff and your Halloween party will be ready in no time.

Halloween Party Collection

Kids Halloween Party Collection - Halloween Cat Napkins (Set of 16)

Halloween Party Collection

 - Halloween Hanging Bats (Set of 8)

Halloween Hanging Bats

 - Halloween Hanging Skeletons (Set of 8)

Halloween Hanging Skeletons

 - Halloween Party Garland

Halloween Party Garland

 - Halloween Spider Plates (Set of 8)

Halloween Spider Plates

 - Halloween Bat Cups (Set of 8)

Halloween Bat Caps

 - Halloween Ghost Napkins (Set of 20)

Halloween Ghost Napkins

 - Halloween Cupcake Kit (Set of 24)

Halloween Cupcake Kit


Every year The Land of Nod comes up with a new Halloween party collection for kids, and every year I’m amazed with their ideas and creativity. This year you will find “scary,” yet fun items that your kids are bound to love! There will be bats and ghosts on the table available as Halloween Bat Caps and Halloween Ghost Napkins, skeletons and bats hanging on the walls and more! Check out the whole collection here!

Halloween Party Collection



halloween Party Collection





 - Halloween Character Party Plates Set/8


Halloween Character Party Plates


 - Halloween Cat Party Napkins Set/16

Halloween Cat Party Napkins


 - Halloween Cupcake Kit Set/24

Halloween Cupcake Kit


 - Halloween Party Cups Set/12

Halloween Party Cups


 - Halloween Spider Party Plates S/6

Halloween Spider Party Plates


 - Halloween Party Bags Set/8

Halloween Party Bags


The new Halloween Party Collection from The Land of Nod amazes once again! With all these essentials, you can throw an amazing Halloween party for your kids with not much preparation. That’s what we love about it. It’s all there for you! Check out the whole collection at Land of Nod.