Newport Cottages Cody Bookcase



Having a hard time finding space to put all your children’s favorite bed time tomes, Mama? I know I did; that’s when I learned about the versatile and stylish Cody Bookcases, by Newport Cottages. With its sleek, modern design, and adjustable shelves, this piece of furniture is perfect for those toddlers’ rooms where you need easy access to playtime toys and collectibles. Fabulous! Each Cody Bookcase is also outfitted with two pull-out drawers, which can double as a storage area for clothing, towels, toys, or for something more special – whatever you and your children’s heart desires! With over one-hundred different color and accent combinations, you’ll have no problem meeting your little boy or girl’s preferences. The best part is that these bookcases are a lifetime buy; even if your child grows out of them, that doesn’t mean you have to! The neutral design of the Cody Bookcase adds a chic and fashionable style to any part of the house, whether it be the family room… or your own. For more information on customizable options, please visit Layla Grayce today!

Bloom Alma Mini Urban Folding Crib (assorted colors!)

bloom Alma Mini Urban Folding Crib (assorted colors!)


If you’re anything like me then you know what it’s like having to take the constant back-and-forth trip from the living room to the nursery on a minute-by-minute basis, whether it’s to console a fussy loved one or to simply check up on the more mischievous of the bunch. Who likes to be held down? Well, Mama, fuss no more with the Alma Mini Urban Folding Crib by Bloom! Coming in at slim dimensions of 38”x20”x33”, this winning crib’s compactness is matched only by its mobility. Weighing in at 50 lbs., the wheels on the bottom of the crib allow for convenient repositioning without taking up too much space. 4 lockable castors also allow for peace of mind during those idle moments when you can’t always be on watch! A custom-sized crib mattress that goes great with Bloom bedding and the Alma Coco mat (which you can find on the product’s page, below each order) will turn even the fussiest of the bunch into a sleeping angel. Each wooden crib is hand-designed, replete with steel detailing, turning urban spaces and nurseries into fashionable chic dwellings – all without breaking your wallet! The Alma Mini Urban Folding Crib also makes a favored “Mommy to be” gift, coming in four different colors to match your choice couple’s tastes. Visit to get more information on shipping and registry details.

Hayworth Shelf – White

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 8.54.42 AM
Whether you need a beautiful piece to complete your little one’s nursery, add a touch of class to your entry way, or create a space to house a collection of books, these stylish shelves will work for you. A light and airy lattice pattern adds a touch of style while keeping the contents of your shelves visible from almost any angle. Five shelves provide ample storage space, and two drawers provide additional storage for smaller personal items. You’ll want to visit to order this sleek and versatile piece of furniture.

Austin Toy Box – White

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 10.10.12 AM


When children are frolicking inside the house, it can become cluttered quicker than you can say, “Clean up time!” The process of cleaning is lightened considerably with a toy box. Kids Krafts offers a fine model called the “Austin Toybox”, (featured here in white). It is versatile (can also act as a bench when closed), and is painted with a neutral base to fit the decor of any living arrangement. Making this a must have is the fact that, while it is small overall, it contains a large amount of storage space for all of your little one’s toys, dolls, cars, etc. A much better idea than letting the toys stay on the ground where accidents can, and most likely will, happen. A safety hinge on the back protects children from pinched fingers and injuries, putting a mother’s mind at ease. For further information, contact Lollipop Moon.

Dylan Crib

Dylan Crib in Choice of Finish

The focal point of your baby’s nursery is his crib, so why not choose an eco-conscious, custom-made, custom-designed crib that fits into any modern decor and can be converted into a toddler bed? Your search for that crib ends here, with the Dylan crib by ducduc. American made from sustainably harvested hardwoods, the Dylan crib offers chic design, versatility in design, and purposeful storage all in one piece of furniture. The sleek design of the Dylan crib features two large drawers for storage, offers four mattress heights, and has a toddler bed conversion kit available so you can add years of use to your child’s furniture. A wide range of customized finish options allow you to personalize the look of your crib to fit in with any decor. Head over to Posh Tots for design ideas and ordering information.

Tulip – Piccolo Combo Dresser Java/French White


Modern, sleek, and environmentally friendly, this Tulip – Piccolo Combo Dresser Java/French White is the perfect addition to any nursery! The two-tone dresser/changer combination features ample storage for all of your little one’s clothes (3 drawers in total), as well as a cabinet that can be used to store everything you need for those ever so frequent diaper changes. One of the nice features is that the drawers are knob free, so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting ahold of them, or becoming loose! There is an opening on each drawer facade for your hand to fit in order to open them. The drawers are 6 inch deep, and feature safety locks so that the drawer does not fall on your little one (should they ever open it themselves). Meanwhile, the cabinet features reinforced internal door hinges, adjustable, non-tipping shelves, and pegs that can be screwed into the shelf bottom. For more information, please visit 2Modern.

Bedtime Rocker in Ecru with Dark

Bedtime Rocker in Ecru with Dark Legs

Gone are the days of boring, traditional rockers. The Bedtime Rocker in Ecru with Dark is a contemporary take on this nursery necessity and is made with a lovely micro suede fabric that’s easy to clean (very helpful for the inevitable little messes!). The dark legs blend nicely with either color or wooden textures in your nursery, and the chair’s cushion offers a nice decorative touch and some lower-back support for mamas frequently carrying around their adorable little ones. Comfort and modern style come together in this rocker that may even rock you to sleep, too! More information is available at Posh Tots.

Stokke Sleepi System in Walnut

Stokke Sleepi System in Walnut


As a mom of a 4-year old boy, I can attest to how fast children grow out of their beds. In fact, it seems like just after we’ve bought a new piece of furniture, we have to turn around and buy a new one! Stokke Sleepi System in Walnut eliminates the need for buying new furniture at every turn. It has the capability of being used as a bassinet, then a crib, a toddler bed, and eventually two chairs. You can essentially convert your nursery to a toddler’s room and even a young child’s room with this initial purchase. If you would rather have an even larger bed for your young child, you can purchase additional parts to make it a junior bed. Even after they’ve outgrown that, it can still be used as a set of chairs for years to come. You can find out more information about the Stokke Sleepi at Pokkadots.

Mix and Match Built to Grow Convertible Slat Crib

Mix and Match Built to Grow Convertible Slat Crib


When selecting a crib for your little one, your priority should not only be durability, but also longevity. After all, your baby is going to be spending countless hours in their crib, so why not make sure they are as comfortable as possible. This Mix and Match Built to Grow Convertible Slat Crib is simple in design, and color, but extremely elegant. The crib offers two additional height adjustments so that when your little one begins to stand, or walk around, you can easily lower the height to make it safer for them. When your baby outgrows their crib, the conversion kit (sold separately) allows you to convent their crib to a day bed. For more information, please visit Posh Tots.

Juliana Armoire

Juliana Armoire


For all of the clothes, and baby items that your little one will accumulate during their first years, it’s imperative to have some sort of storage. Most people opt for a dresser, but oftentimes dressers are long, bulky and take up a lot of space. If space is at a premium, don’t worry! This Juliana Armoire will serve all your needs. This armoire features three spacious, and adjustable shelves that can store just about anything you can think of. If three shelves aren’t enough, then how about the extra drawer located at the very bottom. This is my idea of a great piece of furniture! Visit Posh Tots for more color options, as well as details.