Easter Picks

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Everyone remembers his or her favorite blanket from childhood. Give your child something special to remember with this adorable bunny blanket doll from Magic Cabin. Machine washable and made of organic cotton, this bunny blanket friend will hold up to all the tests of childhood, keeping your little one feeling cozy and happy both day and night! The knots on the arms and legs are perfect for little ones who are teething and practicing their strength! Bunny can be dragged and carried anywhere, and you know anywhere your little one goes, he or she will want this blanket there too! Give your little one the perfect addition to their childhood memories with this beautiful baby bunny blanket.

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It’s almost time to fill those Easter baskets again! Looking for something other than candy this year? Give your fashion-forward child a plush Easter purse from Magic Cabin. Great for the holiday, or any other time of year, these soft purses are great for kids ages 2 and up. With a small handle and zipper closure, children can use the bunny purse or the ducky purse to carry around all of their little treasures! These little bags are machine washable too – making them a hit with moms as much as with kids! Any child will love these little bags to hold all of their favorite things, just like mommy does with her purses!

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Magic Cabin is puzzling us. We can’t figure out with how they ever thought of these adorable puzzles, but we are so glad they did! These Chicken Wooden puzzles give a small child everything he or she could dream of for a game like this. Not only will these puzzles keep kids busy and help them learn important motor skills, but these puzzles will also keep them entertained! A creative take on the standard children’s puzzles, these 3D puzzle versions are sure to enrapture your child’s bright and inquisitive little eyes. They are great gifts for the upcoming Easter holiday, but also, any time is a great time to pick up one of theses pretty puzzles for the precious person in your home!