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Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother Lamb and Bear – Baby Toys


Moonlight & Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother Lamb



Moonlight & Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother Bear


A baby needs sleep, and lots of it! However, there are times when it’s difficult for your little to either fall asleep, or stay asleep. If that rings true for you, don’t worry.  Skip Hop has come up with a very creative solution to help your little one get more rest. And we all know, when a baby gets rest, mom’s get rest too! This Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother Lamb (or Bear) tries to lull your little one to sleep by using the star scape feature on it. Remove the bottom portion of the lamb or bear, turn off the lights, and voila! Your little one’s room has been transformed into a starry paradise where even the most troublesome sleepers will soon be nodding off to never-never-land. And, what makes this product even better is the fact that when your little one grows up, the lamb or bear can serve as their sleeping companion.  You’re little one will never be alone at night (which is especially helpful if they are in a room by themselves). Now the difficult part for you will be deciding which one to get. If you are like me, and have trouble deciding, you can always get both! For more information, please visit

Limited Edition Ace and Jig Collection from The Land of Nod

Ace & Jig Teepee



Ace & Jig Baby Play Mat



Ace & Jig Mobile



Ace & Jig Penguin Rattle


One of the nice things about Land of Nod is that they tend to spotlight companies that many of us have not even heard of. Case in point – Ace & Jig. For a limited time only, Land of Nod is partnering with them to offer up their beautiful yarn woven products. As you can tell from the website, there is a lot to choose from! To decorating the nursing, to feeding time, to play time, there is something to choose, and something for everyone! Rattles for play time (and what little one wouldn’t love the animals offered), fitted sheets for sleep time, and for those of you with older children, there is even something for them to enjoy with the tee-pee. The material is durable, the colors are vibrant, and the prices seem very reasonable. Act fast because these products are sure to fly out of the store. And remember, once these are gone, there is no telling if (or even when) they might return! Details here

Playtime Pals Activity Chair and Polar Bear Baby Play Mat


These are some fun new baby products from The Land of Nod. The Playtime Pals Activity Chair  is a great new way to keep a baby occupied. It’s like a chair for your little one to sit in comfortably (great for sitting practice) with a little attached play mat full of colorful characters perfect for those early sensory-stimulating activities. It’s perfect for ages 3-9 months old. The Polar Bear Baby Play Mat is great for tummy time. The polar bear’s stuffed arms are perfect for the support that you little one will need. It’s also oh so cozy to take a nap on. Plus, how adorable would your nursery look with this cute addition?

Baby Rattles from Blablakids

Baby Rattles from Blablakids


If you haven’t seen or heard about Blablakids rattles yet, your baby is missing out. All the rattles are handmade and made from the softest Peruvian cotton. They are very colorful and creative and because lots of them are designed as animals or people, they can become your little one’s best friend too. The ones I featured above are just a handful of what’s on the website, so make sure you check Blablakids to see all the adorable rattles they offer.

Best Toys for Christmas from Etsy

Handmade Felt Doll


Handmade Felt Doll/Superhero Doll


Selfie Doll


Selfie Doll

Personalized Busy Dolls


Personalized Busy Boards

Baby Shape Sorter


Baby Shape Sorter


Wooden Rocking Horse


Wooden Rocking Horse


Color Sorting Toy


Color Sorting Toy


Ride On Crocodile


Ride On Crocodile


When it comes to Christmas and baby presents, you can never have too many options. Ride on toys, sorting toys, personalized dolls, there are so many of them out there. But, which ones are the best? Take a look at all the fun suggestions we’ve gathered for you, courtesy of Etsy, because, in our opinion, handmade toys are always made with the most love and care. Our favorite this season has to be the Selfie doll, as it’s something we’ve never even heard of before. You can get your baby’s mini me, or it’s an option for other family members as well. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Hot new Toys you might want to put on your Christmas list

Smart Toy bear

Smart Toy Bear is one of those interactive toys every kid wants to have. It interacts with your child based on its age, likes and dislikes. It’s capable of remembering your child’s name, voice or just anything your child will tell him. He will play with your little one always taking into account your child’s age and preferences. With this best friend your tot will experience the best custom-tailored experience ever!

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo is perfect for kids who love to sing and dance. By pressing this toy’s hands, tummy, or feet, your child will be immersed in lots of fun musical activities and learning content. Great feature – let your child record a phrase that his new friend will remix into a song. How cool is that?

You can create so many fun things with these Goobi magnets. They come in a rainbow of colors and can be purchased in a 40, 70 or 180-piece sets. Perfect for little builders and scientific minds.

Franck & Fischer Baby mirror. 0+

Franck &Fischer Baby Mirror is a perfect toy for the littlest ones. A baby can hold it in their hands or put it on the floor to admire themselves. Great plus – it’s made of 100% organic cotton. Who doesn’t love eco toys?

Hustle and Bustle Train SetHustle and Bustle Train Set

Hustle and Bustle Train Set will be loved by any boy, big or small. This set includes a beautiful play mat along with all sets of vehicles and the train of course. Lots of fun indeed!

Giant Simon Sit On

Giant Simon Sit On will be your child’s favorite toy, lounger and buddy, all in one! Again, perfect for all ages! What’s more, it’s a great decor piece of furniture as well.

Shape Up Baby Activity MatShape Up Baby Activity Mat

Shape Up Baby Activity Mat – a modern twist on a classic toy. Lots of fun shapes, colors and textures will brighten up any baby’s day.

Teepees and Playhouses from The Land of Nod

A Teepee to Call your Own (Orange Stripe)


A Teepee to Call your Own (Orange Stripe)


kids tent


Mushroom Playhouse


To the Moon Playhouse Canopy


To the Moon Playhouse Canopy


Home Sweet Play Home Canopy


Home Sweet Play Home Canopy

This is a great kind of toy that also serves as a decorative piece. And I love how it’s versatile as it can be used by older kids as well as babies. The Home Sweet Play Home Canopy and the To the Moon Playhouse Canopy are great to put a baby in as it comes with a nice cushion so the baby doesn’t have to lay on the floor. When your baby gets older, you can put some toys inside and make her play with them there. The Mushroom Playhouse as well as A Teepee to Call your Own (Orange Stripe) are very spacious, which makes them perfect for older kids to play playhouse, for example. And, in general, how adorable will your baby’s nursery look with that Mushroom Playhouse?

Baby Ride On Toys – Rocking Horses and more!

Remember the old rocking horses most of us had as kids? Yeah, so do I. Cute and simple, they could give us hours of entertainment…until they’re an un-sturdy rocker or handles fall apart. If you want to bring back the nostalgia of your childhood to your own children, but in a safe and cute way, pick one of the rockers from My Urban Child!


rocking chair

  • First comes the Teamson Sunny Safari White Rocking Horse. This rocking horse doubles as a cute rocking baby toy, AND a rocking bassinet. Removing the railing turns it into the cute rocking horse for playtime. Hand-painted, hand-carved, and with free shipping, how can one argue against a rocking toy that doubles for naptime?


rocking chair

  • Another option, though, could also be the Smart Gear Rocking Raffy. Most (especially me!) can’t resist giraffes, and this is no exception. Featuring Raffy, an adorable and sturdy giraffe, this rocker has a back rest for extra protection, that can be removed as your child grows. For smaller children, Raffy makes a light rattle that children love. The paint used for Raffy is only water-based, saving your child from chemical exposure, AND helps the environment at the same time! Even better, the plush Raffy can be removed, meaning extra play or easy clean-up. Come on…I almost want one myself, just because it’s precious. This should be taken into definite consideration.

crocodile rocking chair

  • But Raffy isn’t the only cool animal offered as a rocking toy. There’s also the Smart Gear Rocking Crocodile. In addition to being unique and not the average rocking horse, the rocking crocodile is made of multi-colored plush fabric, and has a sturdy wooden rocker base. Any kid will love playing on or with the rocking crocodile.

modern rocking chair

  • The last option I have for you all is more minimalistic. Nice and simple is the Magis Dodo Modern Rocking Chair. Nostalgic in it’s simplicity, it comes in four nice colors; white, yellow, red, and blue. Made out of a sturdy and easy-to clean plastic, it’s able to be used outdoors and indoors, and is shaped like the extinct Dodo bird. That actually makes this rocker the most unique of the bunch. Designed by the talented Oiva Toikka (maker of gorgeous glass birds, bringing magic design to your households, etc), this is a cute and simple rocking chair for any child.

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Babies

Holiday gifts for baby



Wee Workout Baby Gym to work those little muscles

Happy Pop Up to have some fun

Not-So-Wild Bunch Giraffe to have a snuggle buddy

Soft as a Baby’s Block Set to rack that brain

Chewbeads Christopher Necklace for those achy teeth

Modern Twist Silicone Bib – Giraffes for the messy meals

Playon Crayons for those crafty babies

Rainbow Boat Grasping Toy to learn how to grasp

Turtle Hatching Mat for all the fun they want