Gusto Feeding Sets from The Land of Nod

Pattern Plate


Pattern Plate

Yellow Set

Yellow Feeding Set Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.20.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.21.05 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.21.19 PM

Yellow Set

Feeding Sets from The Land of Nod

Orange Set

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Blue Set

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.23.02 PM

Stone Set

The new feeding sets from The Land of Nod are perfect for you and your child. Made of bamboo, they are free of toxins and very eco-friendly. I love how they come in four different colors and that they consist of everything a dinner set needs: plates, small bowls, big bowls and cups. How about the beautiful and modern pattern plates that are perfect for appetizers and desserts? Now your dinner will be complete mama!

Happy Mat, Happy Bowl and Happy Play Mat

Happy mat in grey

Happy bowl in red

play mat in mint


Play mat in mint

snack mat in mint



I talked about the Happy Mat not so long ago in a post you can find here, but there is more! Because you liked the mat so much, I thought you would also like to know about the Happy BowlSnack Mat and the Happy Play Mat. All three are equally creative and just genius and I’m sure you wish your little one had all three. There are so many things you can use the Happy Play Mat for – from feedings, snacks, making cookies to activities that involve small pieces. The only downside is, unlike the Happy Mat that comes in four different colors, this play mat only comes in one – the mint. It is, though,  a pretty color, isn’t it? The same goes with the Snack Mat – it’s only available in one color as of now. The Happy Bowl is an addition to the Happy Mat that’s great for when your child has soup, for example. Good news!  You can match it with the Happy Mat in terms of color because it also comes in four choices so you can have a nice set! How do you like these products?


Feeding a Baby – Happy Mat

baby feeding, baby plate, baby placemat, Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.18.02 PM


I love when they come out with things like that. How many times do you worry that your little one will knock their plate off the table or high chair? With this Happy Mat it won’t be possible. This built in plate + placemat can be suctioned to any table and you know it’s going to keep everything in place. Not only will it prevent against knock off accidents, but the placemat is great for your child to keep utensils on. Overall, it will keep your baby’s eating section a little bit cleaner, and who doesn’t love that! I also love how the plate has three dividers that are perfectly portioned for toddler servings. How smart is that? Now you never have to wonder how much your child should eat. And the design of a smiley face will make any picky eater enjoy their food that much more! Yay! This amazing Happy Mat comes in four adorable colors.  I actually wouldn’t even know which one to get! Love them all!

Baby Feeding New Products



Sippin Spoon



Rest Easy Spoons



Meal Mat



Elephants & Butterflies Learner Cup

blue and yellow


Kidsme Food Feeder

Mickey Mouse Feeding Set for baby



Mickey Mouse Feeding Set for Baby

Silicone Baby Bibs with Food Pocket



Silicone Baby Bibs with Food Pocket

Nuby Garden Fresh Steam N' Mash Baby Food Prep Bowl and Food Masher



Nuby Garden Fresh Steam n’ Mash baby Food Prep Bowl and Food Masher


I wanted to share with you some of the latest baby feeding products that are absolutely brilliant! You might want to look at them as they might make your baby’s mealtimes that much easier!

Valentine’s Day Baby Feeding Sets and more!

Valentine's Day Plate Sets


Valentine's day tumbler sets


valentine's day feeding set


valentine's day table runner


valentine's day tiered centerpiece



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and each year I like to see what Pottery Barn Kids will come up with to host the best Valentine’s Day party for your baby, toddler and older siblings. And they never disappoint with their kids products! From the cute heart-shaped plates and adorable Valentine’s tray for your baby to the adorable set of glasses and pretty table setting ideas, such as the runner and the cupcake centerpiece. Simply adorable!

Valentine’s Day Plate Sets

Valentine’s Day Tumbler Sets

Valentine’s Day Feeding Set

Valentine’s Day Table Runner

Valentine’s Day Tiered CenterPiece

Baby Dinner Set from Milk Moostache

Landscape dinner set



Oftentimes parents complain about their toddlers getting picky with their food. Is it something to do with boredom in the food department? Or maybe it is just a stage that they are going through? Regardless of what it might be, it will not hurt if you try to entice your little one with a new dinner set from time to time. And I think this adorable Landscape Dinner Set will do wonders. It’s so unique and simply brilliant. Perfect, not only for little toddlers, but your preschooler as well, as he/she can learn from an early age how to properly set the table. Who doesn’t like baby products that can serve multiple functions? This genius feeding set comes with the house plate, sunshine cup, cloud bowl and tree utensils, all of which are set nicely on a sky and grass tray. You can purchase this wonderful dinner set at Milk Moostache.




Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 5.44.46 PM



Many parents are becoming more and more conscious about toxic products that might come in contact with their babies. That’s why Modern Kids Design offer plenty of BPA and phthalates free dishes to ensure safety above all. This ZOE B ORGANIC BPA-FREE FANTASTIC DISH SET is extraordinary! It’s not made of toxic plastic that many dishes are made of; instead it’s made from corn! This set doesn’t look much different from any other dishes out there, just made from a different material. However, if given the choice, it probably makes any parent feel better that they’re giving their child the safer option. And, if style is important to you, I love how this fabulous dish set looks so modern, while being available in great color combinations – lime/pink, orange/turquoise and turquoise/lime.

Baby Feeding Sets – Valentine’s Day Baby Feeding Products

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.49.16 PM



Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.49.39 PM



Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.49.56 PM



Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.50.13 PM


Out with the old, in with the new. The saying says it all and as much as we still can’t fathom the fact that Christmas is over, we are trying to embrace a new Holiday that’s ahead of us – Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love with your little ones and make them fall in love with the beautiful mealtime collection from Pottery Barn. Plates, tumblers, utensils, even placemats, they have it all! Designed with love and lots of hearts, we are sure your little one won’t resist the sweetness. For more Valentine’s Day cuteness, visit Pottery Barn Kids.

STUCK Suction Bowl Feeding Kit by ZoLi

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 7.00.49 PM



Feeding time can be a nightmare. Food on the floor, bowl on your child’s head – it’s a situation we’ve all been in. Well now it’s a situation you’ll never have to live again, with the help of STUCK Suction Bowl Feeding Kit by ZoLi. A strong suction base on the bottom of the bowl makes it so the last thing you will have to worry about, is a mess! But this is no ordinary suction-base bowl, no Ma’am! First of all, it’s deeper than most, making it harder for spillage. A three compartment tray allows for storage and separation of up to three types of food, with enough room underneath to store more for later. An accompanying lid snaps in easily and allows for easy portability, making for fantastic on-the-go meals while visiting the zoo or even for those days at the park. With the help of STUCK’s ergonomically designed fork and spoon, your child will be learning to self-feed in a matter of minutes. Visit ecomom today to pick out your child’s new favorite dining kit, now available in a variety of colors.