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Our third week of giveaways sponsored by International Playthings LLC is here! And just like the previous two giveaways, this one is sure to be just as great.  Received from our lovely sponsor, at no cost, this giveaway is for a Twirly Ball .  Regardless of whether you have a boy, or girl, this toy is perfect for any gender. While suitable for a variety of ages, this ball is best suited for those who have little ones that are 6 months plus. Let me ask you this, how many of our subscribers are always on the look out for an entertaining on-the-go toy? You know you’re that parent! This ball is a great example, as it guarantees lots of fun with multiple activities. First, your baby will surely enjoy shaking the ball so they can hear the beads rattle while swirling down center post. Second, when your baby turns the toy upside down, they will see that the beads attached to the various spokes will twirl down from the top to the bottom. And lastly, another experiment your baby is likely going to discover is that one little ball rolls on top of the ball and he/she will work those little hands trying to turn the bottom to click. And if you need further convincing, do we need to add that your baby will be attracted to this ball simply by looking at how colorful it is (which is actually a great way to teach your baby those first color lessons)!

If you would like to purchase the Twirly Ball, go to International Playthings LLC. If you enjoy free things and would love to win this adorable ball, you will have to like us on Facebook and share our giveaway post. You can follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our giveaway message. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! Also, all participants must leave a comment under this giveaway post telling us who you would love to win the Twirly Ball for. This giveaway ends Friday, September 12th! Good luck!

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Congratulations Ashley!

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  1. I would love to win this for my sweet little baby, Ephraim! <3

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    Ashley Nichole Busse

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