Teething/Nursing Necklace Giveaway

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Yet another Etsy Giveaway for you breastfeeding Mamas! I’m sure  you wouldn’t mind some help to keep your baby’s attention while nursing. This Nursing/Teething Necklace from LittleLemonTreasures is going to be a wonderful helper! No more pulling your hair or pulling away to see what a brother or sister are doing! With this colorful necklace your baby will spend the nursing or bottle feeding time examining, touching, turning the beads for the whole time. Made of  natural maple wood and chew safe silicone beads, this necklace is as eco friendly and safe as can be! And we love how versatile it is! It can be used as a teething necklace for example! The teething ring can be easily removed and handed to a baby to chew on. It can also serve as simply a toy that a baby can play with while being carried in a baby carrier. As long as it’s on your neck Mama, there is always going to be something to hold onto, play with or just look at! So you want the one you see in the picture above? Here is what you have to do! You can enter this giveaway by liking our Facebook page and sharing our giveaway post. You can also subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our giveaway message! You can also enter through Instagram! Details on the page! And rememeber to share, share and share this giveaway so that none of your mommy friends miss out! Best of luck to all of you! This giveaway ends Friday, August 1st!


Congratulations Michelle!

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