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Are you planning a vacation that involves driving long distances? Are you worried about how or where your little one is going to sleep? If you answered yes, then this giveaway is perfect for you! This PeaPod Plus, that we received at no cost, from our sponsor KidCois just what you need. This lightweight travel bed is quick to set up and features an inflatable air mattress that can be used by your little one while sleeping. Each side of the travel bed has panels that can be lowered/raised, and allow for maximum ventilation. It’s perfect for our family as it’s definitely a great sleeping alternative for our one year old, and because it accommodates children from 1-5 years of age, it’s also nice that our four year old can use it too, if needed. It comes in a nice, compact storage bag that can easily fit in luggage. You can carry it with no problem as well, as it’s very light. Take it to grandparents house, hotel, even a beach, as it’s a brilliant UV protection hideout for a baby. Now that I found this, I am anxiously awaiting our next vacation with our sons!

If you would like to win one of these, (any color you want), you will either have to SHARE our giveaway post on Facebook, or re-tweet our giveaway message on Twitter tagging 5 friends. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! Also, all participants MUST leave a comment under this giveaway post telling us how you’re planning to use this travel bed. And please remember that leaving a comment is a very important entry rule and you won’t be able to enter this giveaway without it. This giveaway ends Saturday, November 22nd! Good luck!


Congratulations Amy!

78 thoughts on “Peapod Plus Travel Bed Giveaway

  1. This would be greatly used in road trips we often take either camping bout or staying in hotels when you dont have enough beds or even just play camping out in our livingroom…thanks for this chance this is a great giveaway!!!

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  3. shared on FB as Sheila Askins:
    This would be perfect! for when my grand daughter comes to stay over with her maw maw! ty so much for the chance to win!

  4. I shared and commented here AND on your facebook wall. I would love to win this so my grandson can sleep in it while visiting me!

  5. Shared and liked on facebook! I have twin boys and we travel a lot to family houses and this would be nice for them as their home away from home for naps!

  6. This would be perfect for our little man when we take trips to visit family 8 hours away. Perfect for traveling !! Thank you for this opportunity.

  7. I would use this to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s and to give shade when outside. I like the blue color. I shared the post on Facebook (Jackie Scott)

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  9. My cousin and I travel a lot with her daughter. She always wants her own bed. Though this would be a cute idea for her own little space in the hotel room.

  10. I retweeted on Twitter – @wrightholl
    Also tagged 5 friends

    I would use this in the summer for the kids at the beach

  11. One clear indication that it is time to move from the crib is when the toddler starts to climb out of the crib. My youngest did that at 18 months!

  12. I posted on Facebook. This would be perfect for my niece who is having a baby. It would be great for camping and sleepovers.

  13. I would use this during our family vacations to the beach, or to the pool. This is such an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity! Shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

  14. I would use this when my niece comes over for my to watch her. She could take a nap while in the same room with me and I can watch her.

  15. I would love this to use with my 1 year old when we go to the beach next summer for her naps and if we ever go camping!

  16. I plan to use this travel bed for nights at Grandmas, during bad weather at our house (we live only miles from what the natives here refer to as “tornado alley”) & might even make some naptime or movie night fun.

  17. I would give it to my great niece so she can use it for sleep overs. this is very nice thanks for the giveaway, liking you page on facebook, posting giveaway on facebook and retweet. Thanks again for the giveaway

  18. This is an awesome idea! My niece, Savannah would live this, we go in lots of road trips together.
    I had to share on Facebook, my friends with small children need to see this!

  19. shared on FB under Uzma Malik
    this would be great for my daughter. I have been looking for something like this for our road trips and when she goes to her grandma’s.

  20. I would love to use this for sleep overs at Grandma’s! This would be perfect for my kiddo to use and I bet she would think its fun to sleep in too!

  21. i share onfacebook.iplan to use this bed to bring my kids to the park, and let baby rest while the other kidsplay.

  22. I shared on facebook. This would be great for visiting family or when out working in the yard for our little guy to nap in.

  23. This grandma would use it for her little ones when camping, when they sleep over, and when we all go to the Lake of the Ozarks several times a year. I think it would be wonderful to have when you travel anywhere.

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