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This week’s giveaway prize will give your baby something to do in the bathtub. The lucky winner will receive this Octo Stacker Bath Toy by beezeebee! Because some children need to be distracted from the bath time rituals (yes, not all of them love to take a bath, especially the younger ones like mine), this colorful octopus is exactly what you need Mama! For example, my little guy doesn’t like hair washing, so this little cute stacker that I received at no cost from International Playthings LLC, helped immensely. This time, my one one year old didn’t even notice when that dreadful time came, as he was busy with his new bath friend. This toy comes with four different shapes and a stacking base with a suction cup that you can easily attach anywhere to the bathtub. The colors of this toy are very vivid and lively, so this is a perfect time to acquaint your little one with what the different colors are.  Not only can your little one learn about the different colors, but you can also introduce numbers to them. Seeing as how there are four different pieces, what better time to start learning how to count to four. With the toy, not only will your little one begin to learn all sorts of fascinating things, but also they will be distracted when it matters most – when it’s bath time! I know mine always lets me know now that something is missing in the bath.

If you would like to purchase this toy, head to International Playthings LLC. If you want a chance to win this toy, you will have to like us on Facebook and share our giveaway post. You can follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our giveaway message. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! This giveaway ends Friday, September 5th, 2014! Good luck to everybody!

You can connect with International Playthings LLC on Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/beezeebeeusa.

You can shop International Playthings LLC at: http://www.intplay.com/shop/category/beezeebee/.

Congratulations Tanya!


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