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We’re having an amazing giveaway this week as we’ve partnered with Cloud Pets to give away a fun toy that will be the new “hit” in your household. Cloud pets are unique plush toys that have an ability to comfort your child when you’re away. How does it work? You simply record a message you want the toy to convey to your child and when you’re not home, your little one can listen to it over and over again. But that’s not all! You can always record a new message from anywhere with the free App, send it and your child’s little companion will tell her, by blinking its heart, that a new message has just come. Your child will be happy to hear your voice and she will have a friend to hug when you’re gone at the same time. How cool is that!

If you want to give it a try and participate in our giveaway to win this wonderful toy, you will either have to SHARE our giveaway post on Facebook, or re-tweet our giveaway message on Twitter tagging 5 friends. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! Also, all participants MUST leave a comment under this giveaway post telling us which Pet you would like to receive if you win (note: it isn’t guaranteed  you will receive the one you chose!) And please remember that leaving a comment is a very important entry rule and you won’t be able to enter this giveaway without it. This giveaway ends Wednesday, July 15th! Limited to US residents only! Good luck!


Congratulations Barbara!


52 thoughts on “Cloud Pets Giveaway

  1. We would love to have a puppy Cloud Pet! Thank you for the chance and for hosting such an awesome giveaway.

  2. I love all these cute little animals! I have 2 cats that are my babies and for that I would love to win the black/white cat! I really would love to have them all, lol, for the are all so very adorable and special with the recording! Thank You for this awesome giveaway!

  3. I would love to have the bear Cloud Pet! So cute!

    Thanks for your generosity and for sharing the love!! 🙂

  4. My favorite, while they are all cute, is the blue bunny. I like the vibrant blue and think my kids would love making him hope all through the house 🙂

  5. I would love to get the cat for my granddaughter. She is going to be having a series of operations. The first one will be in about 8 weeks (she is being fitted with a NAM device today.) My son and his wife could record their voices for her to listen to in the hospital.

  6. I would really love the cat. We have been looking for a cat like that for our daughter for over a year. Her name is Allie and her Daddy nicknamed her Allie Cat 🙂

  7. These are so cool, it is hard to choose. My grandson said to pick the kitty cat definitely for his little brother. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  8. I like them all, the cat and bunny are my faves and since my gal has kitty’s I think I’d like to win the cat.

  9. This is a very exciting contest, I have one grandchild, my little 2 year old grandson Mason. Mom works full time and he misses her so much…. He cries everyday when Mama leaves. This toy with its ability to have a message from Mom anytime….he would be over the moon to hear her. It’s absolutely amazing that it has its own app…..and when new message left….it’s heart lights up….. I think Mason would love anyone of the choices… And I think they are all adorable…. I think Nana would choose the blue bunny rabbit.mthank you so much for hosting, i will see you over on Twitter to follow there n share, my Twitter name is ladycece2 …have a great night…. 🙂

  10. I love them all. They will be so nice and cuddly. Lets say I will let the choose up to you because I am an animal lover and I love all Cloud Pets they look so nice and cheerful. Thank you and having the great giveaway and giving me a chance to win.May God Bless and good luck to everybody

  11. Sidney would be thrilled with the puppy cloud pet. Thank you for the chance to win.

  12. My nephew loves the cat! We recently visited the humane society and he wanted a kitten that looks accidently like the Cloud Pet Stuffed Animal!

  13. I posted this on Instagram as @Cezovski9
    If I won, I would love the Cloud Kitty. My son loves cats — this would please him so much! The dog would be my second choice.

  14. Wow! This is such a fantastic idea. I really want one for my little man now. I would choose the puppy or the teddy bear. Though they are all adorable. Also, I shared on Facebook and tweeted about this giveaway as @spellinbeequee2 on Twitter.

  15. I would like to win the Kitty cat one for my granddaughter, she loves cats following on Twitter & Instagram @racegirl1022 & tagged 5 friends Thanks for the wonderful chance!

  16. The cat looks like our kitty! My daughter would love to have that one! Clair Freebie on a FB share!

    lshumack at gmail dot com

  17. I love the bear, but they are all so cute! I know my kids would love to have this when Mommy or Daddy can’t be there.

  18. Love all of them so adorable Cloud pet is my favorite! Thank you so much for the chance twitter@payin21

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