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We are starting off a 5 week giveaway sponsored by International Playthings LLC. Every week, for five consecutive weeks, we are going to give away one product. For this week, we chose the Baby Driver toy that we received free of charge to facilitate this review. And to the lucky winner, the company will also send this exact same toy, free of charge, to you as well.  How great is that!


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If you have boys in the house like I do, then the Baby Driver will be an instant hit. When I unpacked it, my two boys, ages 1 and 3, immediately started arguing over who would be the first to play with it. To me, that’s what is great about the toy – the ability to appeal to both babies as well as toddlers. For the youngest ones, this toy teaches cognitive functions as they will have to use their imagination in order to turn the steering wheel, sound the horn, change gears, as well as switch the turn signal. For older ones, this toy will allow their imagination to wander in all sorts of different directions. A couple examples of this include: pretending that you are actually driving the car and are behind other cars, and making sounds that a typical car would make. For me, one of the decisions that goes into whether or not to buy a toy is whether it can be used in a variety of purposes, and can provide excitement no matter if it’s one day old or if it’s two years old. For me, this toy clearly has that appeal. It’s one of these toys that will grow with your baby and its skills. As if you needed another reason to buy this wonderful toy, here is another great concept – the fact that they come with suction cups so you can easily attach them to your little one’s highchair to give him or her something to play with when you are getting their food ready. If you would like to purchase this toy, head to International Playthings LLC. If you want to win it, you will have to Like us on Facebook and share our giveaway post. You can follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our giveaway message. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! This giveaway ends Friday, August 29th, 2014! Good luck to everybody!

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Congratulations Kristin!

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