Taga Bike & Stroller


Would you ever have thought that a stroller could convert to a bike? I didn’t think so. Well, be sure to take a look at taga bike & stroller and be amazed! This truly, one-of-a-kind combination allows you to use it as both a stroller, and as a bicycle.  What is really nice about the bicycle portion is that your little one is in the front of bicycle – not back. Not just from a safety point of view, but from an experience point of view, it really is great that they can sit in the front. You can talk to them, you can look and see what they are doing, and best of all, you can know that they are safe. Great for little ones, but bad news for adults, as there really are no more excuses to not being able to exercise. For more information, colors, and pictures, please go to Magic Beans.