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We are starting the Munchkin’s series of giveaways this week! How exciting is that? I know Mamas love Munchkin products as much as I do so I decided to partner with the Munchkin company and give away some products I’m sure you will enjoy.

We will start off with a fabulous Stroller Organizer that I’m using myself thanks to our amazing sponsors, who sent me this wonderful product, at no cost, to facilitate this review. Most of the strollers come with some kind of space, or basket where we can put all the baby’s essentials in, but that might get a little bit disorganized in the sense that it’s easy to just dump everything there, but it gets more difficult when it comes to finding things we need at a given moment. That’s where I thought this organizer would come in handy and I was oh so right! I love it! You wouldn’t know by just looking at it how spacious it is and how much you can store in it. It comes with two insulated cup holders that really come in handy when you bring a drink for yourself, your baby’s drink and your toddler’s drink as well. My stroller came with only two drink holders so I always had to hold my drink in my hands. This stroller organizer not only gave me another cup holder but another spare one as well! The second amazing thing it comes with, is a wipe case which I also desperately needed. Our daily walk to the park always ends up with dirty hands (after picking sticks, playing in the sandbox), that want to eat snacks right there in the park. I don’t always have wipes with me (because I’m very forgetful). With this case, now I’m always ready! I just fill up the case each time I see it’s low in wipes and they are always there when the dirty hands need them. Now when you open this organizer, there is a pouch in it that you can unfold and again, plenty of storage space there! Perfect for keys, snacks, really anything. And how about a touch-sensitive phone pocket, that is located right on top of the organizer, so you can always see who’s calling you without even taking the phone out. Brilliant, isn’t it? It also will never get dirty or wet, as it stays there protected throughout the whole time you’re out. On top of everything, if you don’t attach it to the stroller, you can always use it as a carry on tote, kinda like a mini diaper bag! I can’t tell you enough of good things about this product because it’s truly the best stroller organizer ever!

If you want to purchase this amazing Stroller Organizer, head to Munchkin’s website. In order to win it, you will have to like us on Facebook and share our giveaway post. You can follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our giveaway message. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! Also, all participants MUST leave a comment under this giveaway post telling us what you are most exciting about this Stroller Organizer. And please remember that leaving a comment is a very important entry rule and you won’t be able to enter this giveaway without it. I wanted to stress it out because many of you Moms would like, share and tweet our previous giveaways, but you would not comment and that basically disqualified you from the contest. So please remember to comment as well (your information will be shared with Munchkin)! This giveaway ends Friday, October 3rd! Good luck!


Congratulations Kaleigh!

46 thoughts on “Stroller Organizer Plus Giveaway

  1. This would be wonderful. We regularly have 2 or more grandkids under 5. We borrow the stroller which lets one child stand up and 2 sit down, thus we really need a good carrier that doesn’t take up much space. Hope to win. Thanks.

  2. the best thing about this organizer is that it is detachable and can be carried as a mini diaper bag! love that idea! thank you so much!

  3. I love the easy access to wipes and not having to lug around the big diaper bag. With two kids already, I need all the help I can get with #3 🙂

  4. I’m always digging in my diaper bag in the bottom of my stroller so I could really use this! I love the wipes compartment as well 🙂

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  6. I love that it has a spot for your water bottle, and the see-through cell phone display? Awesome. Makes the phone almost “hands-free!”

  7. I would love to try this organizer from Munchkin because it has insulated cup holders and has many pockets to store items. I am going to need those cup holders for my tea after sleepless nights when my first baby is born in December!

  8. followed on twitter/facebook/instragram. retweeted and regrammed.

    I would love to have this as we are expecting our first baby in March!

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  10. Wao this is the perfect organizer, will help a lot when going on walks, love the easy access to wipes and the phone. 🙂

  11. I saw it in the store and I wanted to buy it! I love the spaciuos compartments and the cup holders!

  12. i love this organizer, would have been perfect on our trip to the zoo. Great size to store all the essentials without having to lug a big diaper bag around!

  13. I have entered to win per the above instructions…

    This appears to be a great item that would make it easier to find items without having to search for them, hope to win!!!

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