Snow Tubes and Snowboards for Toddlers and Kids

Big Mouth Snow Tube - Peppermint

Big Mouth Snow Tube – Peppermint

Flexible Flyer 35-inch Snowboard - Polar Bear / Penguin

Penguin Snowboard

Big Mouth Snow Tube - Mitten

Big Mouth Snow Tube – Mitten


This is going to be fun! December is already here and with it comes the snow. Go outside with your little ones and slide down the hills with these awesome snow tubes and a snowboard that happens to be shaped appropriately for the Holidays too. Choose between a peppermint, penguin or a mitten, inflate and hold onto the grips. The thick, durable construction of the snow tubes is great for sledders of all ages. The same with the Penguin Snowboard, from two up, even adults can have fun on these. Grab one at Target Mama!

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