Perfect Outdoor Baby Gear – Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller


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When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and no one knows this better than the makers behind the extremely versatile and built-to-last Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller. What do I mean? Picture this: you and your child are out for a walk. The little guy is tired from making pillow forts earlier, so you’re pushing him along in the stroller when you get to the end of the sidewalk. The path continues on, but it’s riddled with rocks, divots, and foliage. You decide it’d be a better idea to turn back around, so as not to ruin the stroller’s wheels. Well you better buckle your seatbelt, Mama, because things are about to get a little bumpy! The sportiest of Bugaboo’s stroller line, the Buffalo Stroller is made for those all-terrain walks you’ve always wanted to go on, whether it’s along a mountain’s precipice or the sandiest beach shore—there’s no shortage of “where” when it comes to Bugaboo. Showing off four big, foam-filled, never-flat tires, and boasting a weight capacity of 50 lbs., not only will your stroller bear the brunt of Mother Nature, but of Father Time as well. The best part about the Buffalo Stroller is that a multitude of settings allow for a multitude of experiences—and girl, do we love settings. Say, for instance, it just snowed outside and you want Baby to experience their first snowflake. But, oh no, the wheels can’t push through the snow! Click the stroller into two-wheel wheelbarrow mode and defy the odds. Is it raining out? That’s not going to stop you! The Buffalo Stroller comes with a custom fit rain cover for those unpredictable cloud bursts. Hot summer day? Just wait until you get a look at Bugaboo’s enormous extendable stroller canopy, with its UPF rating of 50+. Kiss good-bye any worries about sunburn. Don’t be like all the other mommies, and let Baby experience nature like never before. Visit Magic Beans for more information.