PaciGrip from BooginHead

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When our oldest was small, and even now with our youngest, one of the things that they enjoyed (but we obviously did not) was when they would take their pacifier out of their mouths – usually at the worst time (when we were driving, at the zoo, or mall, etc). To make matters worse, it was usually a game to them, so of course any attempt to make sure they kept it in their mouth was met with more of the same. I’m sure you could all relate! If we only knew then what we know now, we would have definitely invested in one of these! Direct from Boogin Head, at no cost to us, this PaciGrip is everything that you could hope for and more. It attaches in two places: 1) to the end of your baby’s pacifier (and yes, it is compatible with most!), and 2) to your baby’s clothing, or car seat strap, or wherever else you might attach it.  t’s strong enough to actually stay on, and even if it does come off, it is still easy enough for your little one to pick right back up and put it back in their mouth. What’s even better is that is comes in a variety of colors/designs that are suitable for both boys and girls. With one of these, traveling is so much easier than before. Pick one up, and hopefully you will see the drastic improvement as well.

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