Outdoor Baby Gear – Cheetah 2

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Need to stretch your legs and burn a few extra calories? Is cabin fever setting in? Or maybe you just feel the need to go for a relaxing stroll and soak up some sun but have no one to watch the kids. Well we’ve got an easy solution for you! For all you fabulously fit new mommies and daddies out there we have the perfect jogging buddy. The Cheetah 2 by Thule Chariot is the light weight, aluminum framed stroller that makes it a breeze to push or pull your little one while you’re jogging. The stroller can hold up to two children and it’s a perfect fit for any family activity, whether hiking, cycling or cross-country skiing. Starting at a price point of about $549 theCheetah 2 has a main compartment with a padded 5-point seatbelt system with fleece-covered shoulder straps, hidden buckles and a padded seat bottom. It’s durable 2-in-1 weather cover offers protection for your little one from the changing weather and the rear flap doubles as a sunscreen with visor. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get out there and burn some energy! For more information, go to La Stella Blu.