Orbit Baby Bassinet Cradle G2 – Ruby/Slate


The 21st century sure has seen a ton of new and exciting products!  This Orbit Baby Bassinet Cradle G2 – Ruby/Slate certainly qualifies as one of those products. This sleek looking bassinet can be used as a cradle, as a Moses basket, and finally, for use on a specially designer stroller frame (sold separately).  This bassinet features a two point safety harness, a mattress for your little one to lie on, as well as a lightweight cover to keep your baby warm.  One of the best features is that it is collapsible for those trips to grandma and grandpa’s, or for packing while going on vacation.  And, should your little one have an accident, the upholstery is easily removable for quick washing.  For additional pictures and details, be sure to visit ecomom.