Must Have For All Moms – Portable Pacifier Sterilizer

pacifier sterilizer



Pacifiers can be a problem. Yes, they silence most screaming babies, but they can also become a germ hotel if not given the proper upkeep. It can be impossible to keep up with every pacifier in your house. How is there any way to know if your baby found one hidden under the couch, or in the dog’s bed? To assist with keeping your child’s mouth clean, Amazon has given us a miracle in disguise, in the form of the Pipila Portable Pacifier Sterilizer. And trust me, it’s a must have baby product! As if being portable wasn’t an automatic selling point, the Sterilizer uses UV technology to sterilize and de-germ your baby’s pacifier. In a short time of three minutes, your baby’s pacifier can be sterile and clean, without having to wash it every five minutes while juggling a crying baby. Operating on only two batteries and coming in 3 different colors, Amazon reviews also say buyers like how it lights up. So in addition to keeping you baby healthy, it looks cool. Bonus!

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