Monte – Tavo High Chair

Monte - Tavo High Chair : Monte - Tavo High Chair,-WhiteLeather-Natural


We’re all familiar with the dreaded rattle rattle of the evil high chair. You and your husband are sitting at the table, enjoying your meal with the married couple from two doors down, and out of the corner of your eye you see your little one throwing their food, slapping their personalized “table”, and, worst of all, attempting to free themself from their plastic prison four feet off the ground. We’ve all been there: what was supposed to be a nice meal devolves into your having to travel back and forth between place settings, maintaining your child and conversation with friends. Why not bring your child into the conversation, and teach them some manners too, with the help of the Tavo High Chair by Monte! With a simple construction that screams ‘sleek’, the Tavo High Chair can be pulled up to just about any table so that your little one can be a part of the action, and be near their Mama. Unlike most plastic or wooden high chairs that usually clash with the look and feel of a well-designed kitchen or dining room, the Tavo High chair fits right in with its solid maple wood base, with the option of either a clear or espresso-toned finish! Easy-to-wipe soft upholstered seat in bonded (recycled) leather allows for easy maintenance of this product, while a permanent T-bar and adjustable seat belt with aluminum buckle means easy maintenance of that adorable angel. Check out 2Modern today for more information.