Modern European Nursery Furniture from Micuna

Micuna OVO Max Luxe High Chair


Micuna OVO Max Luxe High Chair

Micuna Life Crib Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.36.53 PM

Micuna Life Crib

Micuna Life Toddler Bed

Micuna Life Toddler Bed


Micuna Life Toddler Bed


The new European brand finally in America. Very similar in terms of colors and finishes to the Oeuf nursery furniture I discussed in the previous post (lots of white and birch) but not only that. The white version of the Micuna OVO Max Luxe High Chair, you can find on Giggle, but there are other colors available, you just have to look around the web to see what other stores have to offer. This high chair is extremely modern and is designed with the future in mind as you can remove the legs and make a chair out of it for your preschooler. I also love the circled tray, which we don’t see that often in other high chairs.

The Micuna Life Crib comes in many colors as well: blue, pink, brown, natural and white. The coolest thing about this crib is the fact that you can assemble the spindles however you want to. You can play with color patterns and put together two darker and two lighter tone spindles and so on, or do one light, one dark, etc. How fun is that? If you get bored with one pattern, you can easily switch to a different on. Have you ever seen a crib like that?

Last, but not least, the Micuna Life Toddler Bed, which pretty much works the same as the crib. Oh, and I forgot to add that this bed is transformed from the crib with the help of the conversion kit. You can buy the crib now and in several years you have a toddler bed as well. The most unique thing about it is the short spindles surrounding the bed, which is great because it’s very safe for your toddler, since he’s going to have that protection still there from falling out.  At the same time, it also will allow him to get out by himself with no problems.

All of the furniture mentioned above is available on Giggle.

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