Mobicam Dxr Touch Digital Video Baby Monitor

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You come home from work or grocery shopping and immediately find yourself setting about the task of trying to watch the little ones play in the living room, while trying to prepare dinner before the hubby gets home, while talking on the phone with your in-laws or that sister back east, and the new puppy just started peeing on one of the dining room chair legs. We’ve all been there – the stress, frustration. How can we possibly be everywhere at once?

Well now you can! With the Digital Video Baby Monitor by Mobi, you can view up to four different rooms of the house, at the same time, with little to no hassle! Doubling as a convenient security device, the DRX Baby Monitor is the final word on optimal functioning and cutting-edge user-friendly handling. An easy-to-navigate interface allows for quick set-up and thorough instruction on use. One of the highlight features? The monitor works up to 800 feet away, has the ability to perform two-way digital communication, and even has night vision so you’ll never go a night’s sleep without peace of mind.

Let your child’s first words – “mama!” – be heard over the DRX Digital Baby Monitor! Visit Magic Beans today for a full list of the MobiCam DXR Digital Video Baby Monitor’s functions.