Light My Way Portable Nightlight

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One of the first things that my little one tells me each night before he goes to sleep is to make sure the light is on. Now, it’s nothing more than a light in the closet, but still it’s reassurance. We looked at nightlights, but each one seems to need to be plugged into an outlet. If your house is like ours, there’s only a few in each room, and often times they are not in the most obvious spots. Because of that, nightlights don’t seem to serve a purpose. That changed with this Light My Way Portable Nightlight, that I received, at no cost, from my beloved Munchkin, to facilitate this review. This is exactly what we wanted and more. This loveable little critter is 100% battery operated and has a 20 minute timer to prevent it from staying on all the time. The nightlight also comes with an attached handle so that it can be carried to wherever needed, and also has a small switch at the bottom to turn on/off. What’s also nice is the fact that it features LED technology so it will always stay cool. Now, when it comes time to go to bed, my little one no longer needs to ask to turn the light on. He just takes out his little “friend” and off he goes into never never land. Not only for toddlers, but also useful for those late night diaper changes, or for just simple reassurance to know your little one is sleeping tight. For more information, please visit Munchkin.

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