Bunny Green Teether

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Is your baby teething? Ouch! I hear you Mama! When my eldest was teething , it was hard to find a good teething product that would actually last. But that was back in the day and now my younger one has this privilege of using much better teethers like this Bunny Green from ZoliBaby, for example. I purchased this little bunny out of curiosity after having heard good things about the company, and I wanted to give it a try. For now, I haven’t noticed anything bad about this teether. With its smart bunny design and its two ears, it appeals to my son, who, like every baby, likes some color and nice, intriguing shapes that he can explore. The bunny teether seems very sturdy as well, even though the nubs are very soft. It’s easy to hold, again because of the clever shape of the product. And what’s best of all, those long nubs are designed this way to soothe hard-to-reach molars, which make this bunny a great teether that will serve its purpose very well. What teethers are your babies using?

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