Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition – Ocean



One of the most important pieces of equipment that you will purchase for your newborn besides a car seat, is a stroller. What better stroller to have than a Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition – Ocean. This multifunctional stroller can be used for a variety of uses in a variety of places. For those moms that prefer to jog, this stroller offers you the flexibility to run with your child in the stroller. For those that like to go hiking, or walking, it will be able to be used in any type of locale. What makes the stroller even better is that it fits a large majority of the most popular car seats out there, and can be used in a forward facing, or rear facing position. The backrest of the stroller is adjustable to five different positions, and the footrest is adjustable to allow your little one more leg room, or sleeping space. The stroller also features a sun canopy to help keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes on a bright day, and also offers an exceptionally large storage space, allowing moms/dads to pack as much as they desire (diaper bag, food/drinks, toys, etc). In terms of quality and price, you can’t beat it! Please go to ecomom for more information, additional pictures of the stroller, as well as detailed product/technical information.