bloom White Fresco Chrome High Chair


No, this high chair is certainly not your average high chair!  One of the great things about this bloom White Fresco Chrome High Chair is that it can be used from birth onward.  The high chair features three different recline positions based on your baby’s age.  The lie flat newborn cradle allows the high chair to function as a cradle, so that you can pull your child close to the dinner table while you eat, but still keep an eye on them.  The semi recline position is for toddlers 6 months to 36 months, and the upright position allows the high chair to function as a chair that your little one can sit on while at the dinner table.  There are so many additional features that this high chair offers – scratch resistant trays, removable safety bar, adjustable footrest, quick release strips, and my personal favorite – removable harness straps!  Another feature that I absolutely adore is the fact that this chair does not have the nooks and crannies that others do.  I think everyone will agree that once your little one starts eating and starts dropping food, or making a mess, the biggest hassle is cleaning it all up.  Not with this high chair – clean up will be a breeze!  And if all of that didn’t interest you, then how about the large selection of colors.  14 in total!  I can’t think of any other high chair that comes in that many colors!  Please visit Modern Nursery for more details about this truly one of a kind high chair that will have your little one begging for meal time.