Best Baby Gear – WhyCry Mini Baby Crying Analyzer


WhyCry Mini Baby Crying Analyzer


Sometimes it feels as if your baby is crying just to cry. Sometimes it may feel like they do it just to make you want to rip your hair out. We’ve found a gem that may be able to help. The WhyCry Mini- Baby Crying Analyzer could be your best bet. The WhyCry interprets reasons behind your baby’s cries. It sounds far fetched, but it seems quite promising. It displays the answer on a decent-sized LCD screen. It’s reasons are Bored, Sleepy, Stressed, Hungry, and Annoyed. It’s also clinically proven to have at least a 96% accuracy rate. It listens to the baby’s cries, and analyzes the tone of it’s tantrums. It can especially help out parents with hearing problems, or even deaf parents. At Ebay’s low price, I would say this is definitely worth a try, especially for new parents!

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