Back to School – Backpacks

Back to school backpacks


From top left:

Under Construction Pack’n Snack Backpack

There & Backpack Junior

Pink Giraffe Bogo Backpack

Heroes Sidekick Backpack

Peanuts Backpack

Ballerina Backpack

Ladybug Backpack

Pinwheel Echo Backpack

Personalized Kids Drawstring Bag

Grillz Backpack


When you think about it Mama, your little one will be going to school in a month or so. Are you ready for this? Are you in the back to school mode yet? It’s always better to start shopping early so you don’t leave everything for the last moment. We’re making this week all about school so you might want to tune in. For starters, we’ve picked out some of the cutest backpacks out there. They are some of the nicest designs (in our opinion). What’s more important though is to take a look at each one and see some of the additional colors that they come in. Which one does your child love the most?


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