Amazing Baby Bath Thermometer

baby bath thermometer



Giving a baby a bath can be cause for concern. You may find yourself asking, how warm is too warm, and how cold is too cold for the little one? Target delivers a helpful tool, at the fantastic price of 11.99 (who can argue with that?) The Aquatopia Saftey Bath Thermometer is pretty much a must-have for caregivers and parents. It’s a digital bath thermometer that sticks to the wall of the bathtub, and gives an accurate reading of up to 100 degrees Farenheight. It’s plastic and waterproof, not to mention CPSC (the Consumer Product Safety Commission for those like me who were tilting their head at the screen) certified. With many 5 star review’s on Target’s website, it also gets the go-ahead from us. Take advantage of the great deal and give a baby a pleasant bath!

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